England died on the fields of Hastings

England died on the fields of Hastings.

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not enough i say

Actually the England we know today was born a little bit after the Norman Conquest. Quickly there was an Anglonorman identity and many pushed an encompassing English identity. Not that it didn't exist before but it was different.

True England is just Saxon kingdom before vikings invasion, that’s it

After that, vikings modified the core of England and frenchified Normans push the nail forever.

RIP Ecgberht the true English

No, it was born.

I think France and England are the only countries in Europe that were invaded by foreigners and never recovered.

It's funny how Jow Forums lionises the Normans and vilifies the "Anglo", Anglo-Saxon England was mostly peaceful all they sent to Europe were Missionaries and Scholars. It was the Normans who were ruthless cunts always obsessed with getting more land and more power, they're the reason you see England's hand behind everything in the world.

Britain's destined rulership, and mastery of man(and frogs) was born on that day

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I just feel bad that so much if the anglo language was lost. It sure was a rich language.

So much of*

American English is less french than British English, so you'll find it more akin to their speech.

>American English is less french than British English, so you'll find it more akin to their speech.
How so?

it isn't, he's just attention whoring like his flag always does

American English only inherited the Romance loan words from British English.
Since their independence they've mostly made use of locally coined words.

in the 1700s it became fashionable in the UK to use french spellings and words, while my forebears were speaking as their fathers as they carved civilization out of this unspoiled marble

>ywn never use æ in your language
Why live anglobros?

It became fasionable in the UK to use French words long before that.

did you know we have a secret ö?

It actually angers me how English went from a great language to mutt-speak.

hastings mentioned :DDDDDDd
i am from hastings :DDDDDDDD
though me and the lads call it pengstings for the girls :DDDDDD

as well as ë, which we use about as frequently

No, do ya?
Also þ was another cool letter
Æfræd looks better than Alfred

Sorry, phonepleb

yes, take reentry for instance, reëntry was just as common a way of writing that in the last century

And "Alfred" looks better than "Alfie".
I just love how English continues to bastardize to this day.

>I just love how English continues to bastardize to this day.
Legitimately sad

no it doesnt
alfred looks like a sex offender name
alfie is a deano name
t. alfie

anglo-saxon honestly looks and sounds so much better
such a shame

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you sound like a dane

t. Chav

Sorry, bro. Alfie reminds me of the bestial alien

i am from the south, i simply can not be a chav
upper class blood courses through my veins

Ur my brothers, ur french

besmirching the name Alfred

shame on you

I love how when I speak English, i'm speaking broken french.

Not fair, bros, I want to live in a true Anglo world

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Alf the Et nigga
Don't tell me they don't got that in bongland

you know that show ended before he was likely born

You are literally living in a world ruled by corrupted Anglos.

Exactly, I want the pure anglos

2001 zoomer here

As do I brazil bro.

Damn it


wow, I've got quarters forgotten in the sofa that are older than you

English is one of the richest languages of the world thanks to French you dumb turd, without the latin/germanic duality they would have half the lexicon as they have today and English would be some sort of retarded Dutch

So, apologies for changing the subject slightly.
Do any of you consider English to be a creole language at this point?


It's not. Americans even use the same Victorian-era French borrowals as the English.

French niggas be like, "let's not pronounce the last letters of our words".

we have unique grammar rules and convention all our own, ours is nothing like a patois tongue

I don't, although I do think that Middle English has some features akin to Creole languages.

True England are those blue tattooed freaks you see posted here sometimes.

I suppose so. I just can't get over what our language once was.

They are pronounced in certain occasions, though. There are very few words for which their last letter is never ever pronounced.

pikeys? nay

>English is one of the richest languages of the world thanks to French you dumb turd
No it isnt, French killed and over simplified English. Old English had influence from plenty of germanic tribes, from Frisians to Norsemen, making a rich and plentyful language, but thanks to the normans english became a french slang.

It was basically some retarded offshot of german so get over it

We're sorry :(

and which retarded offshoot of german is your language?

Have a fritz Bolsonaro

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They were Anglos once.
Taken by the Normans. Tortured and mutilated...
A ruined and terrible form of life.

t. Speaker of retarded French.

Not your fault, unlike the English, you Franks actually defeated the Norman menace.

is it just me or is dyed rawhide horrifying

You're utterly wrong, English is richer thanks to French, that's an undeniable fact. There is almost nothing from English that was lost because of French influence, most Germanic words remained in the language.

This, Anglo-Saxons were uncultured peasants that lived in literal mudhuts.

Your culture involved kissing your kings feet.

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I was actually apologising on behalf of the Normans(my very own tribe), not the fr*nch.

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Read your own filename you cunt

It's okay, we reverse invaded you on d-day.

>There is almost nothing from English that was lost because of French influence
You what? Almost everything was lost, from gender variations of words to actual important Verbal Conjugation. As I said, it oversimplified and made it into a Feench slang.
Not to mention you fucking disbanded the letter Æ, you fucking monster

>he speaks french

at least you make good cidre

I want to apologize to my british friends for the 1066 invasion. It was uncalled for and led to atrocities and tragedies.
Please consider that we frenchmen don’t have any say in these matters and we do not support wars of aggression.


You on the bottom.

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Well the visigoths got 404d and we removed the muslims. So we prevailed.

Did the Gauls remove their conquerors the Franks, Pierre?

Non. And the same stands for all other countries, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Polan, Finlan, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, etc. Sure, some were occupied by foreigners for a while, or for a longer while, but in the end they prevailed.

And ironically Ireland is the only country in the isles that's stood the test of time. Well sort of, since they still speak the language of their former conquerors.

I think it's for the best the Irish don't speak that jkubhpneursdusdrsf language

You are retarded on several levels but I don’t have the patience to educate your dumb ass

Don't forget Wales. The Welsh border the English and still retain their language in a meaningful capacity.

Same thing with welsh fucks

and that's a GOOD thing?


Do Cornwalls still cope with their language? Or did they accepted their fate?

French has got the Æ letter, grammatical genders and a complex conjugation system.
How is French responsible for changes that happened right after the English nobility cut their links with Normandy, again?

we're not discussing language but ethnic DNA composition, despite the fact that Irish no longer speak their native language they haven't been fucked by Anglo Normans

you're one of them

>Did the Gauls remove their conquerors the Franks, Pierre?
Did the Celts and Iberians remove the Romans? Did the Romans remove the Wisigoths? Do you think you're a Wisigoth you fucking dumbfuck?

French was in vogue around the whole continent after everyone decided Latin was old and busted.

Gauls have had nothing to do with the creation of the French state, though. It was all Rome and Francia, so your claim is fundamentally stupid.

you know, normans invaded them, and vikings, and even a few spaniards made their way up there

based retard

Cornish is dead.
Their is a small revival movement. However, it's fractured by different versions of reformed Cornish.

The Welsh are still distinct from the English genetically.


wini weni wichi


Maybe because they spoke French and didnt even bother to learn anglo?
Maybe because most of the norman kings were raveging psychos that made the population and anglo noblity slave to their will?

>Maybe because most of the norman kings were raveging psychos that made the population and anglo noblity slave to their will?

Take your medicine macaco

Just as I don't like having to speak broken French. I don't want the Welsh to speak broken French either.

French was fashionable when France was the dominant European power, that is, during the second half of the 17th century and until roughly the death of Napoleon. Between the end of the Hundred Years War and the treaty of Westphalia, the language of cultured people was Italian.
In any case English did certainly not lose conjugation, but rather verbal flexion. There is still a wealth of tenses in English.

Stop talking what you don't know, froguette

a good start would be taking select u's out of your words

Norman kings were bloodthirsty.
Even thirsty for the blood of Norman peasants

Why would the nobility not speaking English impoverish the English language you dumb anglo bootlicker