What is your excuse for not buying a Dacia car ?

What is your excuse for not buying a Dacia car ?

>Not expensive
>passe partout
>large trunk
>3 times cheaper than a Volkswagen from the same segment

I hope your excuse is good

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>european cars
that's a yikes from me

Because I already have a Lada

i dont want to buy r*nault

because i want a peugeot 205 (im a 22 yo uni loser)

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What is the point to buy a common car which is old ? You can have a used car from 2005-2010 for almost nothing

Your face when Lada belongs to Renault now

Even more based

because the 205 is dirt cheap reliable and i like the the model, its aesthetic

I can still squeeze some kilometers out of my shitbox but after this I'll probably get a Duster
thank you France you are my greatest ally

I drive a 80's VW beetle

I have a fiat uno. Before that I had a citroen ax but then I decided to stop getting neetbux from parents to prove a point so I downgraded.
New car isn't on my part time geriatric handler budget rn.

Because I bought a used Volvo in good shape.

>cheap as fuck
>extremely reliable
>huge trunk
>comfy as fuck
>pretty fast
>never gets stuck, not even here in Lapland

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>that model's not sold in the uk
I'm sad rn

These all might be true but it looks lilke shit and probably feels like shit from the inside. It's interior is probably made from bad quality plastic in that gets creaking from day one.

Both my sisters drive Dacia Duster's and yes, the interior is horrible. It's like sitting inside a plastic toy. A cheap one, from the poundshop.

They sold French cars here, they sucked, people stopped buying them.

because it's a romanian brand and anything that's romanian is bad (except me of course)

Back in the day, Ceausescu approved of selling Renaults in Romania since it was a state-owned company then and he figured it was socialistic and therefore ok.

>I can still squeeze some kilometers out of my shitbox but after this I'll probably get a Duster

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>people still think they have to hide their plate # so they can't be tracked down
You know that's just a myth, right?

My dad had a green Duster with black stripes throughout my childhood. I have fond memories of falling asleep in the back seat to the sound of the big V8 rumbling away.

Sadly today the "Duster" people think of is pic related..

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>New car isn't on my part time geriatric handler budget rn.
>Eastern European in France hired to wipe old people's butts

Well it's been working so far.

Mine had a Duster too but just a little rinky-dink six, no V8.

Because I like my Toyota Starlet a lot

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I'm fairly sure only cops are allowed access to license plate data.

It was originally r*manian
And now it's french
Need I say more?

A friend of mine recently took me for a ride in his brand new absolutely poverty spec sandero
It doesn't even come with a head unit or air conditioner

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Because I'm a car mechanic and I have worked on them.
For European standards they are a fucking death trap with a car life expectancy of less than 10 years.
You would be better off buying a used 5 year old Volvo/BMW/Audi/Merc/VW.

>I'm fairly sure only cops are allowed access to license plate data

Not here.
Anyone can just type in a license plate here
Or on any similar site and find out who owns it and all other info.

Hur mycket går du back när det är dags för nya däck?

In the US you definitely can't get plate info unless you're a cop.

Cars are still made in Romania, just that Renault invested at least 1 billion euros in the factories in Romania.
Now more than 15 000 employees in Romania depend of Dacia. It’s a big success

i have an app that gives me everything about a car from the license plate, and for a microscopic fee i get the registered owner. then i use the phonebook app and i find their adress or i find them on facebook. takes me less than 5min to track down a car and owner here.

t.liar expert

In Romania many have old Dacia from 80-90 and still work like a charm, especially Renault put money on factories for replacement pieces because in this country they like to keep their cars for 30-40 years

Pays as much as burger flipping but money goes from pensions to my pocket instead of fat fuck to foreign clown. I'm managed by an non profit association not a corpo.
Also french family for at least 5 generations on both sides (alsace is french)

You never bothered to sell them here

Beror på vilka jag köper men ofta inte så farligt.
Köpte nya Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 (suv) i 235/60R17 plus billiga alufälgar från begagnathyllan nu till vintern. Gick på 9 484 kr /4st däck och fälgarna fick jag ge 1800 kr styck för.

not in sweden

Because I can buy a skyline instead to dab on yanks.

>han köper inte koreadäck
omg hej Herr Trälberg

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Anyone can google your license plate here in Sweden and have your name, address and every last scrap of info on the car within 2 minutes. So covering it up online is a good idea.

Har gjort det förut men prestandan är ju ett skämt. Köpte billiga ching chong däck förr-förra året och vågade knappt köra. Bilen gled omkring helt utan grepp.

It's just as well since sites like truthfinder let you find personal info about someone in a couple of mouse clicks.

Inte han men jobbar i däckverkstad.
Ett tips, var väldigt försiktig när du köper sånt. Många klarar inte av Europeiska säkerhetstester och livstiden på däcken är väldigt låg.

That is why American people are often enthusiastic when they see a french car in USA ? I always see good comments on American forum/reddit about cars when a guy posts a picture of a french car.
«Hey guy, I saw a french car today, I took a photo »

I know it is because it’s rare but anyway, comments are good

Because cars are the cuckold way of living.
Suffered through 3 years of car-cuckoldry before I became a motor-bike BVLL
>no more waiting in cuck-lines at traffic lights
>no more being stuck in traffic jams
>way cheaper to buy
>consumes less gas
>cheaper taxes
>after a few years insurance isnt as high anymore
>cop wants to stop you and you just speed off through some pedestrian zone
>makes bitches wet

There is no reason to drive a car in this day and age.
>b-but m-muh children
yea dont delude yourself lol

I bike is useless here 6-7 months of the year.

>goes outside
>see pic related

Now what?

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This but unironically.

>cop wants to stop you and you just speed off through some pedestrian zone

Thug life bro

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My grandfather had a used 59 Citroen DS when he was in the Navy. The thing had a top speed of about 60 mph and the hydraulic lift/suspension system defied all attempts at repair. Parts were expensive and had to be ordered from France.

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I ride a cheap honda in the summer months (June-August) but other than that it's pretty useless.
The second the frost starts coming in during September it's pretty much a death sentence to go out riding. One patch of ice and you are fucked.
So yes, there's a huge reason to drive a car in this day and age.


I wouldnt take say that sweden has usual weather tho, in south germany we barely have ever snow.
You used to get 6 month licences for motorbikes, now you can easily get a 12 month one and use it all year.
You got snow probably less than 30 days a year.

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>b-but m-muh children
>hit child with bike
>hit child with car
>safe and sound, can hit multiple chindrens with no problem

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Thats why gritty greta wants to stop the based climate change
she hates bike chads having fun
dont let her get away with if
murder and rape her sven.

Tbh nobody ever bought them out of practicality. They are still somewhat popular over here because of being stylish, unique and ridiculous. But then again those people pay a guy to fix their car for them and have no clue how gruesome working on them is

>I wouldnt take say that sweden has usual weather tho, in south germany we barely have ever snow.


I was surprised to learn how hot Vienna does get in summer.

>bring a bro with me
>drive paralel to him
>we span a fishline between us
>drive into a schools playground
>easily btfo a car-cucks highscore
nice try

Memery aside alpine region gets pretty warm in summer and is not very different from Northern Italy.
Hungary too for example has long very warm summers, while people imagine it's some frozen hell hole with a cute city in the middle

Citroën revived DS in 2000s. Now DS looks like this, there are several models tho

Now it’s called DS automobile brand

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Here in Lapland we use snowmobiles but further down south they just get ice, slushy snow and rain. Not suited for it.

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Yea same where I live, the Bodensee has a pocket that gets as much sun as some places in France.

Where in Lappland do you live?
I was in Rovaniemi once.

These maps are kind of useless since they only really tell you how cold it gets in winter, they don't tell you how long the actual growing season is or how hot it gets. For the Alpine region though, the growing season is about six months while in Scandinavia it's about 3-4.

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Gällivare born and raised.

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>-12 to -7 here

Hahahahahahah hasn't been like that in a decade

wtf rovaniemi was mostly wooden shacks and some city centre that looked like it was from the 70s

so it's colder or hotter?

That seems really outdated desu

I mean, the map implies snowfall at the southern coast of Spain.
Maybe thats some record low or something during the night but the map really doesnt make sense to me.

They seem to be a little over-generous with estimating how cold it gets in winter. I live in a Zone 6 area but winters normally don't get much colder than -6. Last winter it got to -15 which was the coldest temperature since WWI or something.

Hotter of course

We get snow sure but it's minimal and it's gone within a day and then falls again the next day all the time

We usually get around 0 to 5 degrees in winter

Finnish Lapland is a lot less developed compared to Swedish Lapland. We have a lot more iron works etc up here = more people.

Kiruna up north is pretty big as well. I used to work there. It's a normal town, 20 000 people.

finnish independence was a mistake.

>Cars are still made in Romania
Are you implying that's a good thing?


This does seem more accurate. Western Europe has winters that are more of an extended fall due to the moderating effect of the ocean.

Yes. They work handmade unlike us in Western countries, we use robots.

Kek. Pic related is Kiruna. It's actually a cool city and I've thought about moving there.

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The growing season length in the Netherlands I would estimate at 5 to 5-1/2 months.

Damn, thats really different from finland.
In finland i thought im on some abandoned soviet construction site.

Netherlands is the land of flowers...

When this happy little Honda does everything more nicely than anything with Nissan badges does, no one would even touch that crappier Nissan.

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> Dacia
> reliable

Too much internet for today, François

Only for three months a year and in a very small area of the country named the "Bollenstreek" or the bulb region which is where I'm from.
Also fuck flowers

He already admitted he's a Romanian living in France who has a job wiping old people's butts.

I live in a city so I don't need a car

what are you trying to say you magyar dog

Growing season length and summer temperatures are mostly tied to latitude. Europe north of the Mediterranean is 45 degrees north and up so temperatures are milder and growing seasons generally shorter than most of the US. Altitude also makes a difference. Mountainous areas have later springs and earlier falls than low-lying areas. Every 900 feet of elevation is about equal to one degree of latitude.

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Someday Honda may as yet figure out how to make an automatic transmission work reliably with a V6.

The things were designed for poodling around the streets of Paris, they couldn't handle driving over long distances nor the extreme weather conditions found in a lot of the US.

I want a Dacia designed by Romanians. That's a Renault.

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I was seriously considering getting a Dacia Logan MCV for a long time, but three year old used examples go for around €11.500. A three year old used Peugeot 108 costs €8,000, and it gets 21-22 km/l in the real world wheras the Dacia's size and turbocharged engine means it gets closer to 16-17 km/l, regardless of what official mileage claims may promise.
Unlike the 108's 1.2L 1KR-FE Toyota unit, which is naturally aspirated,
the Dacia's 0.9L TCe Renault unit has a turbocharger. Turbochargers break, so you're gonna wanna budget €700/5yr just in case.

Over a 6 year period, buying and maintaining a Peugeot 108 would cost €7.800. Buying and maintaining a Dacia Logan would cost €11.900. Adding the costs of fuel to that equation, the total costs of ownership adds up to €11.800 for a 108 and €17.100 for a Dacia Logan. That's a $73/mo difference.

I really want a Dacia. I have a fixation with Eastern European cars, and I could use the extra space of a station wagon - my hobby requires the lugging around of massive and expensive equipment, and it's not an easy undertaking in a small hatchback. The Dacia Logan MCV and the Renault Clio ST are the only ones you can buy used, three year old examples of for under 100,000 dkk/€13,400. But breaking down the numbers like this, I can't justify paying €73/month extra just to be able to transport my shit more conveniently.

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And when do most flowers bloom but in spring?

But you'd be better off with a Toyota Auris or an older Lexus

I bought a Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 4x4 (Style Euro 6) 2016 year model for €21,000. Factory new, stood on a lot for 2 years before I bought it.
I was thinking about a Dacia first but I'm happy I changed my mind. The Superb is, well it's superb.

In the Sun Belt it's pretty much year-round.

Every car brand reflects the national character of its country in some way:

American: Big, powerful, in-your-face, comfy, a bit tacky. Build quality is good only if we feel we can make money from this particular model, otherwise we'll just half-ass it. Generally easy to mod or repair as DIY is a big part of American culture.

German: First-rate, advanced engineering, autistic dedication to perfection, farfegnugen.

Japanese: Conservative approach, focus on taking an existing design and refining it rather than being innovative. Autistic dedication to perfection. Lots of gadgets in cars, though generally only on models sold domestically.

French: All the worst aspects of a socialistic workforce and mentality--lazy and indifferent workmanship, workers go on strike every two minutes, cars must be for the masses, not the classes (we beheaded all those guys back in the day, remember?) so we only build poverty shitboxes. On top of that, nonsensical design and engineering choices just to show we're different and not copying Germany or Anglo cunts.

British (when they actually had a car industry): Same problems with a socialistic workforce and mentality, which led to crude, backwards, and poorly built cars but add in that British love of cheesy aristocratic pomp.

Swedish: Well-engineered, solid everyman cars perfect for our collectivistic Nordic society. Simple as.

Italian: It's a fashion accessory like a Gucci handbag designed to look cool but be otherwise garbage.

Korean: No identity of our own, just copy whatever Japan does.