My ancestor :)

our ancestor (northern France, Benelux and west Germany)

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It's like a british larping usa success lol

My ancestor.
He forced the gaels into the mountains and he was personally responsible for the creation of my ethnic group.

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Based :)
Shut up retard!

He was scandinavian

Not at all

So are you.

And you


Yes, anglo.

he was belgian so unironically more germanic /dutch than frank

I am not anglo.

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Franks were a Germanic group though. The Dutch/Flemish and Western Germans are basically the Franks today.

You are gaello-norse, scandinavian.

This makes it all the more funnier that 11th century writers called Old French "the Frank language" while being seemingly unaware that the original Frankish language was something else entirely.

not true.
there are less than 100 words that come from gaelic in scots, almost all are used to describe geography.
so more accurate is norse-low countries

You are nordic whether you like or not

historians are very smart.
bede wrote that the entire lowcountries were emptied and all came to England during the Anglo-Saxon times.

Not all historians are equal.


So what's his name? Charles? Karl?

neither are languages.

Kim Jong Mang, your ancestor.
Also you're scandinavian because apparently that's the new meme propagated by the mentally ill swedish poster

Karl der Grotte


If I understand correctly, that's because the region around Paris was named after the Franks. I think at that point the word Frank wasn't used specifically to refer to the original Germanic group anymore.

IIRC the region of Jutland where they were originally living was left almost vacant after they left, then northern Germanic people moved in.

brsl wll b vcnt whn w lv.

Mérovée is my ancestor. And that makes me a descendant of a quinotaure. Which in turn makes me related to the god Neptune
Put the verse about the wrathful god of storms killing foreigners with lightning back in the marseillaise.

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>I think at that point the word Frank wasn't used specifically to refer to the original Germanic group anymore.

This point was reached centuries before Charlemagne's birth, which is what dumb germoids don't seem to understand

That's a factor but not the only one. I think you should also consider the fact that East Francians turned into Romans overnight.

I went to see him in Aachen last month :) my forefather..

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Haha, mine is Clovis and my family only left Tournai very recently.

The Franks themselves made a distinction regarding to murder of a noble Frank (600 sous), Frank (200 sous) and a Gallo-Roman (100 sous).

Based, the French people are sons of Ouranos and Gaia.

it has few to do with ethnic groups and languages since most noble Salian Franks were bilingual (Frankish/old Dutch, Latin/old French and they considered their empire to be their personal belonging.

The dutch language is a direct descendant of frankish though.

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