Opinion on this country?

opinion on this country?

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A country that should be split now

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No opinion

>a-any time now!

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makes people seethe

I hope an Okinawan local beats you to death, American parasite.

very positive and im very interested to see what a world with china as the number one global power will look like(its inevitable)

It should have been done in the 19th century when everyone was fucking with them.

>it is a mutt making your daily thread about China

Rent free

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>My ancestors :')

What does it mean?

There's no New China without the Communist Party

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but China did split back then

Browsing tinder and my God the absolute state of Australian "women" and the biographies are extremely cringe inducing

Are chinese women on tinder better?

Stop hegemonism

Red shit

Very Rude.