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my foreign whip

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there's been a few chebs editions with this image now but each time I'm impressed anew

why does britain have a "supreme court"? what does it even mean?
god i can't wait to piss on blair's grave.

know people called menzies and its pronoucned menzees not fucking minga

Thinking about the brexit lads

have a 2004 206

I want a nicer car

i used to make them more varied but can't be arsed in my old age


stayed round the ex's place last night and it made me realise how fucking neurotic she is
can't believe I put up with her for so long
going to make sure i don't stay round hers again so she doesn't get feelings for me

Surely you knew it'd be shite though? Like Die Hard 5, it was written all over


Need Emma Watson to fart up my nostrils.

This country is fooked. What and absolute mess we're in.

Brexit isn't real

she's basically perfect that's why
she'd be the ideal gf

french cars are based though, and if you don't like them then you're probably a BMW driving paki bloke

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On this day in British History

>1645 – The Battle of Rowton Heath is a Parliamentarian victory over a Royalist army commanded in person by King Charles.
>1841 – The Sultanate of Brunei cedes Sarawak to the United Kingdom.
>1911 – His Majesty's Airship No. 1, Britain's first rigid airship, is wrecked by strong winds before her maiden flight at Barrow-in-Furness.
>1916 – World War I: Royal Flying Corps pilot Lieutenant Frederick Sowrey forces German Navy Zeppelin L 33 to crash land at Little Wigborough, England where the airship crew was captured, the only armed enemy personnel to set foot in England during World War One.
>1975 – Mount Everest is successfully scaled for the first time via it's southwest face by British climbers Douglas Haston and Doug Scott.
>2009 – The UK's largest haul of Anglo-Saxon gold was discovered buried in a field in Staffordshire by amateur metal detectorist Terry Herbert. The collection of 1,500 gold and silver pieces, which dated to the 7th century, was worth a "seven-figure sum".

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What a shitshow

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it's a great pic lad don't worry

Rorke in the bath with a toaster right now

>french cars are based though

im not i never tire of looking at it

whatd he do this time

>french cars are for wome-

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whenever i think about french engineering i get sad about brexit

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The EU unironically pushed us to get one

The last one was pretty good tbf.

what's happened?

for the legality of complex issues exactly like this one. you need an impartial group of hugely experienced judges, lawyers etc. to uphold the law

French cars haven't been based for a long time. I do want an 80s or 90s BMW though, not the modern stuff


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nice cherrypicking


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Good post as always, imagine finding that fucking gold

>Supreme court rules Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament was 'unlawful'

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You can pick these up cheap because the roof leaks on literally every single one lole

no you don't.

what the fuck

brexit could mean the end of the aviation industry is boeing shits the bed too

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I liked the Citroen DS with the headlights which moved with the steering wheel. The ad for it was decent.

vile car

so based

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boris is a lovable oaf
if you think otherwise you're not british simple as

So what happens now re: Brexit with that surpreme court stuff

give the wc back


Going to pop out of the domicile

We're not quite sure but as it stands Parliament will reconvene after the party conferences as it usually does.

It's cancelled

I can't believe that 3 years later parliament is unironically going to cancel the vote entirely. I don't understand how they can't see that this is going to ruin trust in politics for a generation.

hi brit/pol/ just thought you should know the "pol/" bit has fallen off your sign, it just says /brit/ on the door
you might want to fix that

i know lad they're really really based, my family has a small collection of citroens and i'm very involved with the classic citroen world

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didn't know britain had a supreme court
why does britain have a supreme court


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MPs don't know what's constitutionally legal or not, nor should they have to focus on that. supreme court, house of lords etc. are there to make sure the government act legally.

parliament is recalled tomorrow and boris doesn't show up because he's with the queen asking her to prorogue again

Christ knows. Queen might revoke right for him to govern, forcing a unity government/general election. She might not. Maybe nothing will happen.

blair and the EU made us get one

Parliament get back to trying to cancel it, Boris and Dom Cummings will find new loopholes, and hopefully we leave on the 31st, deal or otherwise.

when is johnsonberg resigning
lawless britain

peng PENG peng

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Don't get the point in the HoL anymore, Alan Sugar has a position in government as a Labour peer.


The highest court of appeal used to be the House of Lords, but then they replaced it with an actual SC.

we don't have a constitution and don't give me that unwritten drivel why does /shit/ think they live in the united states?

I want one of these de lads

>parliament is recalled tomorrow

Daft thing is it isn't because it's party conference season.

piss off you odious little virgin


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We already had that, though, it was the House of Lords. The judges of the Supreme Court were just the existing Lords who moved over.

It made more sense that it was the Lords that was the court of final appeal as well, because it made Parliament the final adjudicator of the meaning of law. It would have limited the nature of the crisis that we're possibly facing of the courts basically overruling Parliamentary sovereignty.

The Supreme Court was made because ideology, not because it was practically necessary.

For me it's the C5, used to be my personal shagger's mobile

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>we don't have a constitution
yes we do

Video games are the absolute worst Loser Habit you could have

Hours & hours spent on an ultimately useless skill

Sitting and getting fatter and weaker and skinnier and paler

Completely impaired social skills

Video games make you a bottom tier subhuman

Jail for Boris! Jail for a thousand years!

>wahhh don't talk about things happening in Britain because they're political
Topicsperg you've done it again you daft twat!

>Queen might revoke right for him to govern, forcing a unity government/general election.

Won't happen. That would be a political decision and would call into question the role of the queen.

ah right well boris has it all planned out doesn't hel
he's playing 4d chess whilst we're wiping our arses

>Victoria Derbyshire getting tetchy over audio issues

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Sound lad, I'll carry on playing because it upsets you

*honk honk*

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Literally no worse than watching TV, and in fact is usually much better.

Hope so, good luck lad

Law Lords were in Parliament though with clear conflicts of interest
Separation of Powers with a Supreme Court independent of Parliament is a good thing

>we don't have a constitution
damn it, you're right. guess we should disband every high court and lordship in the country.


God I can't stand her and her awful show.

establish absolute monarchy in Britain

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for me it's the C6, thinking of getting one of these now. i recon they'll be appreciating in value

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there's something so nice about french cars

The role of the Queen is to provide the right to govern. She has every right to revoke that responsibility. She's done it once before, in Australia. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Australian_constitutional_crisis

>PM has no regard for the law
>keeps his position
>UK has an open criminal as it's head of government

I wish the C had taken her.


all politicians are criminals, wipe your arse.

Come tell me what a MAN you are for playing video games

You’re stronger? No

Faster? No


You’re making money and living life in the real world?

Fuck no

Oh wait, all your accomplishments can be wiped out by deleting an account

Bullshit yourself as much you like.

There was no more conflict of interest than there is now. Judges are humans with political opinions whether they are in a "Supreme Court" or the House of Lords. They are either able to put them aside or they aren't. The Supreme Court doesn't magically confer the ability to be impartial where it wasn't there before just because it is ideologically more aesthetic.