Do you want to move to 1980s Japan?

Do you want to move to 1980s Japan?

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Japan go too strong, US and Europe made sure to stop that and toss Japan into recession in the 90s.

Won't work on China.

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1980s Japan was worst era
and almost everything in this gif is still here

I want to move to Lebanon 1960
I hate everyone who ruined Lebanon

>1980s Japan was worst era

I wish I had friends

>cute women and happiness
>still in Japan

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because greedy money worshipers were majority

t.Communist shill expat Engrish teacher Davido

Go kill yourself, for real.

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Oh very relatable

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Still better than today

I don't listen to the opinion from original communist country
and i'm not david don't call me like that i'm not american

And that has somehow changed?

>It was the fault of the US and Europe and not Japan doing exactly the same China is doing now with their currency and monetary policy

Lmao look at this brainlet

yes definitely
80 and 90 were literally the golden era of japan


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I want to live in 1980s United States or Europe. Why 2010s are so soulless and sad?

not really
sure 80's japan is aesthetic and full of very advanced technology, but idk it still feels like i wouldn't fit or feel comfortable there

>He thinks the central bank of Japan was influenced by foreign parties
>He genuinely thinks Japan has been going on in austerity since the crash

Japan has been stimulating the economy ever since the crash lmao

Original Takeshi's castle was peak 80s japan
I wish they'd bring back the original format of the show when contestents didnt wear helmets from teh start and the environement was left rough, and they didnt have that stupid showdown with the tanks
It was more memorable and the story was actually funny and entertaining instead of just being a mainstreamed obstacles show like it became

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Congratulations on the end of the Solidarit├Ątszuschlag.


90s Japan is best era. I wish I was a Yakuza in 90s Japan

I want to move to '40s Japan

No, because I know 90s will come and it'll all end. Better to live in 60s til end 80s and then die peacefully knowing you had a good run in life.

No, only sengoku period.
Anything else about Japan is trash

I miss glass bottle Coke. They no longer sell it here.

We were basically China at that time. No westerners liked us. We were always apologizing against the West about deforestation, pollution and being economic animal etc...

There was "Japan is Carthage" theory at that time. Japan was Carthage, America was Rome, Rome won the Punic war and after that, Carthage rebuilt their nation by economical succsess but it made Rome angry. Rome destroyed Carthage again and Carthage never rebuilt its own that time.

That's why a lot of Japanese people still sympathize China's situation these days even we have difficult relationship. Westerners hostile attitude toward China is simple racism based on ignorance at that point.

The 80's was based everywhere. Goddamn