ITT we worship women of European descent (Goddesses)

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meds > nords

Show your face and then say she is ugly

Let's upgrade the thread, shall we?

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Finally a good thread in the sea of yellow fever

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that's a little girl you retard

aryan but not hot, Crovatia

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Finally! A thread of the based variety.

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would be cute if she had lighter eyes. A shame.

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I ride this train every day

I wish they weren't so stupid

Should I dump nudes/lewds I got from tinder thots?

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you don't have any

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They were only like 6-7/10 girls anyway

For me its black qts tho

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Matter of fact I even have some from an Italian girl

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Ugh no, shit eyeds cannot be beautiful, please stop.

>all those manjaw

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>I wish they weren't so stupid
>expecting women not to be stupid

>Should I dump nudes/lewds I got from tinder thots?
dropping nudes is a crime and a violation of Jow Forums's rules. proceed, please.

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thats how typical germans look nowadays? lol

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shut up chink

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no such thing

Imagine being this low-test.

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>immagine fucking men

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>finding women attractive is gay

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Step aside homos, I am about to drop all my redheads.

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stop posting europeans women and post jews

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More like mASSedonian, amirite?

readhead are soulless

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Half German blooded is always the perfect amount for a gal

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Calla, bestia.

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>worshipping women

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Really weird that people here think she looks beautiful. Shes a diamond dozen trailer park girl (a little cleaner) here

Another one.

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based. Self-sufficiency in spiritual and emotional matters is always admirable in a man.

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these are light brown

And another one.

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i'm ready to murder for an average yt girl

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