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Based, saw this on Jow Forums too xD

First panel if I'm being rational.
Fourth panel if I follow my heart.

But being rich tramples literally anything else, you can cheat on her later and she's a chubby woman in her fifties who's desperate so she still won't leave you.

Jow Forums men have to choose No.55 woman.

Which one has penis?

Why didn't the leftest one say her age? It's the most important part

the hottest one
i could impregnate her all day

law student or the woman with a rich father that will always be a nuisance, no interest in interacting with the perpetual adolescent, or the one without self control

it's on her coat

first one obviously
being rich is the best

>browsing r9k in 2019

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Rich ugly woman is spoiled and used to a high standard, will hate you when you can't buy her hermes shit.

18 year old is a clear slut

25 year old is a single mummy reformed slut looking for an ATM

So i'm going with the real estate one.

>50million monopoly money

that's like ~470k dollars tops, you will still have to work in a capacity, and invest most of that to ensure a healthy interest withdrawal from the market

Is second one porn actress or prostitute? If yes, then 4th one.

she's merely plain, not necessarily ugly, she's quite average as asian women go, her biggest problem is her poor health choices

she looks like geek.

Kill 55
Ignore 49
Fuck 33
Marry 29

>she's quite average as asian women go

It's a manga though.

Super kawaii art = normal people irl
Plain art = uggos irl

>I choose 55 to support my NEET lifestyle. What gave it away?

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"Behind the scenes" line is suspicious.

fair point, though this isn't what I'd consider an exaggerated style? anyway, that woman is also clearly desperate for partnership, I doubt she'd hate you

there is that pause, a clear warning sign of something amiss

very based

it would last you maybe ten years if you live like a poor churchmouse

Neet men has no choice.

Those women need amount of moni except for farleft wealthy christmas cake.

Are you daft? The other girls have numbers on their clothes too!

are you German? don't answer that, of course you are

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I would say the real estate woman is entirely capable of supporting herself, and would not present a burden, in either the pocketbook or the relationship

real estate girl is objectively the best wife
only a cuck would settle down and help raise 33's sons
18 clearly just wants to mooch from you for her stupid store
and 55 is a desperate uggo who thinks 422000€ is a big enough bribe to settle with an unfuckable lard ass like her, which it's not

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Pretend to pick each one of them then pump and dump them and marry a qt trap bf.

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I would think that enough money to life comfortably in your country

>not investing in the cypto market to become a millionaire

real estate after law school?

Are you retarded? Don’t answer that, of course you are

if you were prescient

an understanding of and exposure to law isn't a bad background to work in real estate and development

digging in your heels Franz? my condolences...

She might be want same level husband.

wealthy,intelligent and gud looking...

as they say, two out of three ain't bad... ha ha

The 18 years old, she just needs to stop coloring her hair like that.
Too bad Satsuki is too old and Marin already has 2 children.

Ach nein Amerikanischer Sweinhund

I'm not poor or desperate enough for that user, and with rent prices these days I'm not sure it would last that long
besides not everyone here is a desperate NEET who needs the money that badly

18, petite, and a fashion designer? Sign me up, tommy

speaking of that, haven't you some hogs to tend?

have sex incel zoomer


Don’t you have some gunshot wounds to tend?

Only first one looks real.

29 no question.
She looks the best anyways, even more than 33.

no salve could ever heal the wounds I've recieved at the hands of your autism

decent banter

You must be thin-skinned then

>everybody want No.29

You guys can't blame every hot women want chad guy.

rather thin skinned than thin brained :^)

were that so they would be interested in the milk machine, the personality traits evident in her character are the draw

Obviously #29 on the right. She has her own job (first and third apparently don't work and the second has a """job""") and is clearly the most intelligent out of the group. The intros are short for sure, but as an added bonus she rings no alarm bells like all the others.

29, maybe 55 if she is not too old

women supposed to be cute
men only needs to look better than the devil

She seems like the type to cheat on you on your back, use your money for her and her younger bf. And when you're no use to her she'd file a divorce paper and taking your wealth then marry her bf.

I would think that behavior might be found in 49

I'd choose the far right because I'm a boomer and would relate to her more than the younger ones.



i think i will choose 29 even thou shes alot older than me :).

If 49, she'll be extra careful with her extramarital affair so you won't discover. She probably know she'll get money from divorce that might help her, but it won't last forever especially if she's running her own store. She needs your constant money for her (and her bf). On the other hand, the one with two kids seems too stupid to figure out she can get money from you, so she'll just cheat on you like usual.

*blocks your path*
>Satsuki Hayakawa, age 31
>I work in real estate, in Ochanomizu
>my interests are a bit of horse-riding and Japanese dance
>I went to Law School at Akayama Academy

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I've always liked some sporting horsemanship


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I take all four of them. I have no reason not to.

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Once I decided to visit the Orthodox church in Ochanomizu but it was closed.
Also there was a sign
"Olga Kolomets is forbidden to enter the territory of the church
t. Japanese Orthodox church"

>Not picking #49 and turning her into #3X

lol fuck Olga(no idea who that is but fuck her)

I have no money so I'll take the rich woman

marry 4 of them and have happy family

you all got pranked, the joke is that they're actually all single mothers

>I love little kids
A thing we both have in common
>I'd like to have lots of children
>I'm a mother of, not one but TWO little ones


yikes... i saw this on /a/

important question, am i allowed to watch the horse riding?

Oh god, i want to fuck the cumslut so bad.

The 31yo. I like powerful women and I can tolerate horse fucking.

you'd tolerate nothing, you're a weirdo that'd easily get a fake number

I want the horses.

obviously the girl that gives me 50 million

Number 55. Get cash

That's just the gift though! Imagine how much shit you can get when you married her.

Nah bro I'm a Chad incel. Girls give me their number in clubs and bars and I never contact them because I'm terrified of intimacy with another human being.