Marries an Arab woman

>marries an Arab woman
>literally transforms into an Arab

Based George Clooney

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he always had pre ie admixture

>married an Arab
Really ? Who ?

Some Lebanese whore

His wife is Lebanese. and Lebanese people aren't Arabs, very few people in Lebanon speak Arabic. IMBECILE.

My uncle is like this with his Vietnamese wife. He’s so into all that Vietnamese traditional shit. I always see pics on FB of him being the only white guy with a dozen Asians.

He's always been a bit swarthy.

He is a method actor

I never noticed he has such large ears

Seal your mouth bitch , if you talk bad about Lebanese woman again I will become are fugue in your country and take all your welfare

Quick OC.

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Amal Clooney

She looks like Michael Jackson

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I notice this too when he was a quest on that Netflix David Letterman show. Was he already an Arab and that advocate activated him somehow? How do Arabs get away with this? And who is next?

he is the female

i see on my wikipedia that lebanon is 70% arabs


>Arab woman


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