ITT ugly capitals

ITT ugly capitals

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find an uglier capital than this

protip: you cant

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literally every country outside of the touristic and economical part

Paris is beautiful

looks jakarta tier

Definitely Brussels, but on the other hands it makes it feel like London

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Anything except european is soulless

it's not

au contraire !

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Minsk. It was destroyed in WWII and the whole city now is awful soviet postmodernism

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Also Canberra

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That tiny historic district won't save the situation sorry

Definitely Bucharest - the ugliest capital city of Europe.

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Amsterdam doesn't really look like a capital neither. It looks rather like a large village or a small industrial British city.

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I wouldn't say it's ugly, but there's too much space between the boulevards and the buildings. Maybe it should be filled with skyscapers or so.

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depends where you go, i'd say the zuidas surrounding areas look more like a capital with all the new skyscrapers theyre putting up

What are you, an architect? The thing that makes DC so beautiful compared to other US cities is how every building has a max height limit and the mass amount of parks and memorials in that area

I like it

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Barcelona ain't a capitol you lispy fuck

sure it is, a man knows his capital, also the capitol is the seat of the government you dunce, the physical building/ hill itself


It makes asian commie blocks look like heaven

Maybe the capitol of a state but this was about national capitols of real nations not up their own ass C*talonians

stop misusing this word

this is a capitol

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>What is a capitol city?

read a book you obstinate moron

...Are you using a proxy in order to create Ameridumb memes or are you genuinely this stupid?