Stop idolizing this nazi

Stop idolizing this nazi

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Is this fake or do americans really?

as an ecofascist, greta is our only hope for future. fuck you.

Why are conservatives so retarded?

kill this disgusting antisemite

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Nazis were vegans, pagans and socialists.. Basically swedes but less effeminate

Oh, and both ended up sucking jewish cock

they are so muttified in the us that they fear the white girl with braids

>white girl
Okay let's not call mongolian mixed with ethnic finnish white

that was only hitler
that was only himmler
that was only röhm and his disgusting degenerate ilk

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Ethnic finnish reference picture. Disgusting if you ask me

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>right wing commentator makes a hot take
>it’s complete soy
colour me surprised

The germans were so retarded they had to create a socialist party to convince the other retard germans to stop promoting international marxism

Basically Hitler said: "Do not suck this jewish cock but this jewish cock instead". That's why they lost WW2 and Germany is a non-country today

Imagine having sex with Greta Thunberg.
You'd have to teach her everything about sex and she'd look all confused due to her autism.
Imagine her facial expressions as you start plowing her hard in missionary position.
She would bite her lip and her eyes would scan the room while you fuck her, almost like she's not fully aware of what's happening.
Her face would show both pleasure and confusion at the same time.
Then, as you ejaculate deep into her, she experiences an orgasm for the first time and lets out a cute autistic squeal.
She would be out of breath and would watch your thick semen slowly leak out of her cute underdeveloped body.

>Nazis were vegans

Retarded monkey

>eek eek uuk uuk
whatever you say monkey, atleast my race has built an advanced society that is doing something other than destroying the planet

Not only it's true but Himmler that chicken farmer retard was influenced by fucking Karl Marx before reading more "esoteric paganism". Literally a movement of low IQs even Evola thought by 1937 there was no hope for Germany because they were too stupid to not suck jewish cock

>advanced society
Monkeys also use computers. That's basically your entire contribution to our planet. And soon south africans are going to be better programmers than you because you don't eat meat thus your IQ is decreasing

The swedes literally uplifted you from hunting gathering pekka

>Put a chicken farmer in the highest position of SS
>Allow homosexuals to run your militia
>Lose WW2 to fucking starving russians

I still don't understand how come those low IQ nazis invaded France so easily. Perhaps French people didn't even care if they were raped by german jews or british jews

Greta Thunberg is a cover that hides a succulent business on account of climate change.

The movement led by young Greta is neither casual nor improvised. There are great business and economic interests behind the activist.

The Times has published a devastating article about the links between Greta Thunberg and various business and environmental power groups . Signed by Justin Rowlatt, a BBC correspondent for climate issues, the text calls into question the alleged spontaneity of the protests commanded by Thunberg and links the activism of the Swedish girl with the interests of different organizations.

The rise of Greta Thunberg starts, a priori, from the anger of a sixteen-year-old Swedish girl who insists on demanding politicians to take action against the climatic emergency facing the Planet [...]. But the phenomenon starring Greta also involves to the green energy lobby , to publicity and public relations professionals, to certain elites of the environmental movement and to the think tank of a Swedish Social Democratic ex-minister who finance some of the main energy companies in the country.

Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder of We Don't Have Time , the platform that has popularized Greta's various protest actions through social networks and other communication channels. Asked by The Times , Rentzhog acknowledges that he met Malena, mother Greta and opera singer, about three or four months before it all started. In fact, she also admits that the strike that the Swedish girl starred in her school and that catapulted her to fame was coordinated at least a week before, put that Rentzhog was informed of what was going to happen previously through an email from another climate activist, Bo Thoren, says Rowlatt.

Rentzhog and his pr company called we don't have time, is responsible for popularizing Thunberg

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this meme again. finland during the reign of sweden was a backwater land only good for taxing and cannon fodder. the advancement of finnish race happened during the autonomy period of finnish grand duchy where the basic building blocks of civilisation were made like higher education for finns, governmental reform into parliamentary system, civil infrastructure like industry, mail services, currency, military etc. now i don't expect you to know about finnish history, but when you spout those kinds of memes i'd expect some humility in taking this response.

>governmental reform into parliamentary system, civil infrastructure like industry, mail services, currency, military etc.
petite bourgeoisie buzzwords

>petite bourgeoisie buzzwords
when people talk about "uplifting civilisation" they mean those kinds of petite bourgeoise things my monkey friend.

Depends. If nordic braindead trash thinks machinery and "parliament" is the peak of humanity, I kinda understand why you are allowing muslims to marry your children

>girl looks like girl from an 80 year old propaganda poster
>This means that people are employing said propaganda against us

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We don't have time and his founder Rentzhog has gone through Al Gore's environmental organization, the Climate Reality Project.

He and his partner, David Olson, have gone through funds and financial companies such as Laika Consulting or Svenska Bostadsfonden:

Among the investors who have worked with Rentzhog and Olson is Gustav Stenbeck, one of Sweden's greatest fortunes.

Now, in his role as an activist, Rentzhog directs Global Utmaning , a think tank linked to the wealthy former Social Democratic minister Kristina Persson, who inherited a great fortune and later launched into leftist politics, "details the author of the investigation.

The Rentzhog organization also has the active collaboration of Anders Wijkman, former president of the Club of Rome , Petter Skogar, leader of one of Sweden's leading business organizations , Catharina Nystedt Ringborg, a manager with a long career in the sector of the energy ... That's the kind of people Thunberg has developed his career with, Rowlatt concludes.

Greta's mother acknowledged that no one else wanted to support the strike , so that her daughter was left alone, but remained firm.

Everything was coordinated , since that same week a book of her own parents went on sale in which Greta's parents claim that working for the Planet helped them save their family.

The editor of the work, Jonas Axelsson, acknowledges that journalists immediately asked them if the strike was an advertising act of the book, said the correspondent of the BBC for climate issues.

Part of Greta's work is being channeled through Daniel Donner , who serves as the girl's press officer. Donner works in the office of a Brussels-based lobby known as the European Climate Foundation, " funded by major business groups and financial, also concludes the research article, which expands the information advanced in its day by Standpoint magazine and casts new shadows around the climate activism campaign led by the young Thunberg.

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no wonder your country still does slash and burn agriculture and have a larger murder rate than first world put together. stable civil infrastructure means stable society. and i'd rather live in stable society than whatever the fuck brazil is.

Filthy trash, learn this: civilization (human development) creates industry and "parliament" (you meant political system). Industry by itself is nothing. Actually that's why your country is useless: it has industry but it only serves to pay welfare to neets and refugees

In other words so the nordic trash can understand: machinery, technology and all that petite bourgeoisie fetish is a product of human civilization not the cause of human civilization. Even if you eat like a decent person you will never understand the world if you don't learn this

>it has industry but it only serves to pay welfare
and yet using almost any kind of human development index we score better than brazil. like i said, rather live here than whatever the fuck brazil is. we finns take care of each other and that makes us happier and safer than you with your murders, rapes and destruction of amazon. point of civilisation is to have a bunch of people who look out after each other.

Talking to you is like talking to a dead brain. What kind education did you receive from your government? You can't even read what I'm saying (despite my half-baked english It's not that hard)

there's nothing incorrect in what i'm saying. you are going on about civilisation being something (what? you don't say) when i say that civilisation is about bunch of poeople looking after each other and how that is factualized in finland way better than in brazil.

Your depression/happiness from welfare has nothing to do with the subject. You can literally cum every time you get a paycheck or cry it doesn't matter
And "people looking after each other" sounds like beautiful here in words but your mentality is to stab each other when money fail to keep your society in order

The fact you think shekels is civilization is worrying

When do you think they'll find a doppelganger of D'Souza?

>And "people looking after each other" sounds like beautiful here in words but your mentality is to stab each other when money fail to keep your society in order
it is factualized better here than in brazil. point is that we don't stab each other because we have stable welfare state. you don't and you stab each other. rather live in finnish civilisation than brazilian civilisation. and what do you think civilised living is, you still haven't told us? you just go on about how my definitions like 'stable society where people look after each other' is about shekels or somesuch nonsense but don't offer your own point.

brazilian alt-righ monkey task-force at work

>*blocks your path
>grabs your throat
>hey bud,you been promoting ideas of the fascist left,you better stop or else

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Pretty shit acting desü.

You will never be developed
you will never have a stable society
your government will never create a single policy which isn't souly extractive
you will never be helped in the street
you will never have a functional private ecnomy

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Evola loved Himmler shut the fuck up and stop talking about what you don't understand

Based. BTFOd cringy apezilian.