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Enjoying a cornish pastry

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>@tushy_com Hello Tushy fans, we have have a big announcement for you gamer girl fans today! Bella Delphine joins the team in her first adult video!

no poolitics allowed ITT

Is Boris on the ropes then?

would happily drop £100 on that tbf

Boris Johnson is now a liar BY LAW. The Supreme Court, the highest legal authority in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has now declared that #BorisLiedToTheQueen when he got her to shut down Parliament!

There’s no “r” in pasty.

if only i love that dead eyed socioslag for some reason


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if you wanted everyone to "know the implications" of leaving before casting a vote you'd be satisfied with, then the remain crowd should've implemented Project Fear BEFORE the referendum, not AFTER your smug complacency gave the biggest political decision of our generation to the masses that you'd all but forgotten existed
or maybe if the New "Labour" party hadn't made conditions for the working class and underclass so unbearable, they wouldn't have voted for (and still be demanding) drastic change at any cost
like trump, brexit is a symptom of something that is only growing worse the more "bad" voters are dismissed as ignorant provincials and disenfranchised, and humiliated in the pop culture
if there was another referendum, i wouldn't vote leave again
it would be proof that referendums are meaningless, so why bother showing up?
a second referendum wouldn't be a referendum, it would be an excuse to overrule the will of the people
that's what you're asking for, so just be honest about it

might tune into lbc bet there’s some cracking rorke phone ins going on right now

>rule of law
>human rights
imagine thinking these are real things

no one actually cares about brexit

Guy Verhofstadt
Jean Claude Junker
Herman Van Rompuy
Jose Barroso, Donald Tusk

Boris will go down in history as a more unlawful PM than Blair, a man who got thousands of our men killed for no reason.

enjoying a conish pasty

what makes you think that we will negotiate a better deal ALONE as opposed to a bloc of 27 nations?

Boris has to resign

so fucking what? Blair lied about 2 huge wars that got thousands killed and nothing was done about it. so what?

Say thank you to these fine native Brits for saving us from the Turkish menace that is Boris

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had ENOUGH of boris lads

bring back mummy may

I don't remember voting for any of them

thank you for your service

i meant 5 laws

love how people are already intoning the supreme court of the UK like it's written in cuneiform when the fucking thing didn't even exist ten years ago

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You don't have to put up with retarded arbitrary rules put in to help french farmers and polish factory owners.


negotiate what deal? what are you referring to?


thank you based judges

All the SC is doing is applying laws that have been around since the 1600s in some cases.

on the train

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Common Agricultural Policy
Common Fisheries Policy
European Refugee Quota
Freedom of Movement
Turkish ascension

Blair wasn't a racist and made our country more diverse and cultural. Boris is a stupid fat racist.

based and spotonpilled

I sincerely hope that's not an accurate representation of the people ITT with that image in the window


Judicial oversight of UK politics is an abomination that has not traditionally existed throughout history

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No one is above the law. Not even Boris Johnson and his arrogant, entitled chums are above the law.

They have been getting away with things all their lives, but today they have been called to account.

he was talking about us being able to get free trade deals with aus + nz and i was saying how we have better negotiating power within the EU than we would if we tried to go at it alone

well leftypol?

rorke caught with his pants down

Comfy Autumn weather, lads.

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brexit needed to happen, whether we end up leaving or not

ah the selective application of laws to meet then ends of unelected judges wonderful and democratic

both are correct
I don't see the issue

>Judicial oversight of the Crown is an abomination that has not traditionally existed throughout history

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What would Cromwell done?


grim thought the some if not all current posters in this late morning, early afternoon thread have never experienced the serene pleasures of shagging a fanny

and the lords couldn't do this because blair wanted to cash out on titles for his favourite toadies?

EU doesn't have a free trade deal with Australia and NZ, and EU trading laws mean for example we can't import Australian feta cheese, because it isn't Greek, it's a disgrace

All you have done in these last two threads in demonstrate how utterly fucking clueless you are about everything you gob off about.

the civil war didn't start because of JUDICIAL oversight you fucking turbo mongoloid fucking hell.

honestly expecting the daily mail or the sun to put up something like this tomorrow

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Nothing selective about it. The Crown cannot prorogue parliament to stop it dojng something the crown doesn't like.

Looking forward to one of these on the weekend

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boris couldn't negotiate his way up a badgers arse let alone a deal with the EU

>26 years old
>me mam still comes into my room every half hour to pester me about something
>gets up at night and sees I'm still awake and tells me I shouldn't go to bed too late

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The judges should be sacked the people allowed to vote in new ones

>Common Agricultural Policy
has a positive impact on uk farming

>European Refugee Quota
UK is exempt

>Turkish ascension
could be vetod by the UK

>Freedon of movement
EU migrants are net contributors to the UK

>Common Fisheries
this is arguaby the only negative one

bet sex is shit anyway

I want to support the australian feta cheese industry

I've shagged before

Ahh so that bit where parliament decided the Crown broke the law and executed the king didn't happen, then?

they can just call it greek style cheese and the can import it

your age is irrelevant if you're still under her roof, you literal child

shh youre gonna give him angina

when the EU negotiates trade, they do so on behalf of the EU, not the UK
our interests come second to the collective
or rather, to whoever the appointed eurocrat favours
they can reject a deal that would be beneficial to the UK, because it would be detrimental to germany and france

Wasn't he an excellent Mayor of London? Remainers so quick to forget

not an argument leftypol

Same. It's why I'm getting a job in Japan.

hmmmmm yes the parliament our judiciary hmm yess of course hmm yessss

>they can reject a deal that would be beneficial to the UK, because it would be detrimental to germany and france
name a single example of when this has happened

If Tories and other Brexiteers want to leave the EU, why hasn't the Tory government made it happen already? Is it because of democracy? Is it because even some Tories have voted against leaving without a deal etc. And in democracy we go by majority. If the majority doesn't want to do something, then it can't be forced to do so. And government ultimately decides what they will do even though there was a vote for Brexit. Because it was a non-binding vote, governent gets to decide what the country will do. And majority of the government don't want to leave without a deal etc. That's representative democracy for you, it even supercedes non-binding referendums so your vote doesn't mean shit in the end, if the majority of people in government decide something else. Thank Tory party and David Cameron for making it a non-binding vote.

he was better than ken, but i'm not sure that's saying much

probably would have received as much shit as sadiq khan if he was also a muslim

me? I've shagged a few fannies in my time

no people hated him as mayor of london

>>Turkish ascension
>could be vetod by the UK

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if seemingly over half the parliament were acting in any sort of good faith about Brexit then i'd give a shit but they ain't and i don't

imagine dying

>/brit/ trying to discuss constitutional law


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from norwich to ipswich I'm known as the fanny shagger boss man

well it could

reminder that we could have left the eu on 31st march if supposedly pro-brexit mps voted in favour of may's deal

brexiters: we want decisions to be made in this country and not by Europeans
UK supreme court: okay brexit is cancelled
brexiters: no not like that!!

bet rorkes and students screaming at each other in a pub would be more sophisticated than this

im curious why are we so against turkey joining the EU? im indifferent over it but surely theres worse countries like egypt

this will never happen you utter fucking moron

fuck off boris you nazi

Leavers hate muslims

why does rorke seem to forget that when much of the eastern bloc joined the EU, the UK (along with Ireland and Sweden) decided that they would allow unrestricted immigration from those countries and the rest of the EU didn't
it's almost like many of the problems in the UK are caused by westminster and not the EU

dearly wish to live next to hordes of people from all of these countries yes please thanks very much

tomorrows commute

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Before the SC was the highest court in the land, it was the House of Lords.