Do you like your countrymen on Jow Forums?

Do you like your countrymen on Jow Forums?

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No I hate them, bunch of sissy an*Me cucks

I could kill them all with my bare hands and sometimes I want to.

Go for it. Violence is a based means to solve your problems.

Not at all but I don't dislike them irl

i like some of them, i dislike some of them
pretty much like anyone else, i think


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comfy dudes on are nice

i cant tell if they are my countrymen or sexpat

They're all mentally ill and or faggots

I don't see them much



one in the same


No, they make me cringe, but at least I'm not american

None of them know anything about Scotland or know any Scottish languages.

The neet anime fag on DJT is the worst. He revealed himself he is the one makes thread about Korea everyday

No. They're all autistic as fuck.

No no
One schizophrenic
One schizoid
Two homosexuals
One homosexual schizoid
And an autist

What flag?

Japan flag. He revealed it on Japnese thread.

which one are you?
my guess is the austist


Certain types I dont like

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I hate at least half of them but the rest are probably okay.

i like one of em, the rest are faggots

Yes, especially the Hung trap that fucks Spanish boys

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You like Shahar?

They're alright.

Solo se votano PD, come faccio io.


Based faggot

Only if they live above the Po

yes, I think they're some of greatest posters on this board

You are not cute

No, not at all

No I don’t
Literally 90% Jow Forumsnigger scum with an identity crisis
>t. trans sister who voted for Trump and unironically goes on and on about “muh white ethnostate”
I wish I was joking

Only southerners

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Not those on /fr/


Absolutely never has a good post been written under my flag.

no because they dont exist im the only serbian poster on int