This is powerful

This is powerful...

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this is powerful....

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Terrible photo. All the people behind them should be as black as the guy wearing the baseball hat on the left.

No... THIS is powerful

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wan punchhhhhhhh

Holy fucking shit, this is the most based webm I've seen all month.



This is fucking hilarious, a bunch of liberals got on the ground and took pictures of themselves being treate like animals by minorities and then somehow think they have epicly owned conseravatives... do you think everyone went to go get pizza afterwards?
This is seriously the reason im voting for trump again, not even memeing

>This is seriously the reason im voting for trump again, not even memeing

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ive said it before and ill say it again, im convinced the UK isn't an actual country and is just one big monty python sketch.

meant to quote

50 years from now people will see this picture and will say those are real conservatives prostating to their overlords

imagine the memes

That definately looks like USA or Australia though.

cars on the wrong side of the road

Looks like a one way street.

>literal hummer with redbull decals
>wheel chair ramp
>old hollywood vans
>everyone is shit at parking
>people still dressing like its the early 2000's

What's with the fucking human raptor on the left

note that the date at the very end is in US format

why is he so red

french incels