1. u cnt

1. u cnt
2. What's the cringiest neighboring poster on this shit site

Norway, everytime i see one of their posts i want to stomp on the guys skull so they don't make the North look so fucking retarded

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dont mind me im just here to make the North look retarded



do I even need to say it?


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I don't like you

I have no idea. I'm spoiled for choice.

netherfags, not neighbours but extremely close


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Mr speaker, I think I need an other HIV-shot


Tfw no big black bf........

Let's see. Russians posters are based. I don't feel strongly about Swedish posters, although sometimes they try to do stupid baits. Norwegian posters are indeed retarded. I have to agree with op.

Aussies are garbage but we’re even worse. There is no shortage of underage Kiwi posters on this site.

eg må drite


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I love you

Japs but South Korean posters are cringey as well.

You should take a look at our general, especially Sutreanon is retarded.

hard to say I don't lurk that much but maybe italians and balkan folk from what I've gathered


Eg må drite

Although it's our best IRL neighbor, Bulgarians are really cringy in here

kiwi weebs

Polacks are just embarrassing to share a continent with.
The most vile and treacherous country you can imagine yet always plays the victim and keeps crying.

eg må drite

>g*rman calling others vile and treacherous

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I concur this as well