You wake up in Sapporo

You wake up in Sapporo...

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Sapporo is based would rather live there than Tokyo or Osaka

Fuck yeah. Gonna hit up some game centers and then impress some drunken salarymen with my rudimentary Japanese and get drunk with them. Rinse and repeat that until I get offered a job. Fuckin' easy.

I'd drive to northern Hokkaido and feel myself right at home

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Get a flight back to Oki so I'm not AWOL.

Japan's Canada.

The youngest part of Japan, it wasn't really settled until after the Meiji Restoration.


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>Japanese only
>In English
This one of those "don't stop to read this" signs?

It's directed at fat disgusting English teacher weeb tourists.

aka the people posting on Jow Forums with japanese flags


truly well educated KGB patrician right here.

That's why I'd only talk to them when they're drunk.

Idk shit about japan cause im no weeb. Whats so special about this town

Yeah probably the restaurant in question had problems with fat neckbeards groping girls and asking them what their favorite Final Fantasy game was.

most autist neckbeards these days are more of a "male feminist, let me tell you how much I honor women" type

If I were lucky enough to get back to my hometown's branch I would love to invite all weebs on Jow Forums to my favorite ram meat bbq place during summer and pay everyone free sapporo beer

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really because my experience is that most weebs in japan want to pretend they're the only special non-japanese person and get furious whenever they see anything not japanese because they want to be the only ones

It's just a different strategy of getting laid.

>if I white knight women and tell them how much I believe in grrl power, they will reward me with sex

I want an Ainu girlfriend and a house in a town near Sapporo served by a little train station

or military personnel stationed there
50K murrikans in Okinawa alone

for russian sailors

vietnam #1