Greta thunberg pr company and soros foundation are supporting her

Greta Thunberg is a cover that hides a succulent business on account of climate change.

The movement led by young Greta is neither casual nor improvised. There are great business and economic interests behind the activist.

The Times has published a devastating article about the links between Greta Thunberg and various business and environmental power groups . Signed by Justin Rowlatt, a BBC correspondent for climate issues, the text calls into question the alleged spontaneity of the protests commanded by Thunberg and links the activism of the Swedish girl with the interests of different organizations.

The rise of Greta Thunberg starts, a priori, from the anger of a sixteen-year-old Swedish girl who insists on demanding politicians to take action against the climatic emergency facing the Planet [...]. But the phenomenon starring Greta also involves to the green energy lobby , to publicity and public relations professionals, to certain elites of the environmental movement and to the think tank of a Swedish Social Democratic ex-minister who finance some of the main energy companies in the country.

Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder of We Don't Have Time , the platform that has popularized Greta's various protest actions through social networks and other communication channels. Asked by The Times , Rentzhog acknowledges that he met Malena, mother Greta and opera singer, about three or four months before it all started. In fact, she also admits that the strike that the Swedish girl starred in her school and that catapulted her to fame was coordinated at least a week before, put that Rentzhog was informed of what was going to happen previously through an email from another climate activist, Bo Thoren, says Rowlatt.

Rentzhog and his pr company called we don't have time, is responsible for popularizing Thunberg.

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We don't have time and his founder Rentzhog has gone through Al Gore's environmental organization, the Climate Reality Project.

He and his partner, David Olson, have gone through funds and financial companies such as Laika Consulting or Svenska Bostadsfonden:

Among the investors who have worked with Rentzhog and Olson is Gustav Stenbeck, one of Sweden's greatest fortunes.

Now, in his role as an activist, Rentzhog directs Global Utmaning , a think tank linked to the wealthy former Social Democratic minister Kristina Persson, who inherited a great fortune and later launched into leftist politics, "details the author of the investigation.

The Rentzhog organization also has the active collaboration of Anders Wijkman, former president of the Club of Rome , Petter Skogar, leader of one of Sweden's leading business organizations , Catharina Nystedt Ringborg, a manager with a long career in the sector of the energy ... That's the kind of people Thunberg has developed his career with, Rowlatt concludes.

Greta's mother acknowledged that no one else wanted to support the strike , so that her daughter was left alone, but remained firm.

Everything was coordinated , since that same week a book of her own parents went on sale in which Greta's parents claim that working for the Planet helped them save their family.

The editor of the work, Jonas Axelsson, acknowledges that journalists immediately asked them if the strike was an advertising act of the book, said the correspondent of the BBC for climate issues.

Part of Greta's work is being channeled through Daniel Donner , who serves as the girl's press officer. Donner works in the office of a Brussels-based lobby known as the European Climate Foundation, " funded by major business groups and financial, also concludes the research article, which expands the information advanced in its day by Standpoint magazine and casts new shadows around the climate activism campaign led by the young Thunberg.

so can we call her an antisemite if a literal nazi like soros is behind her ?

Soros is Jewish


so ? soros is a literal nazi, he worked for the nazi regime confiscating property of people they didnt like.
he's also the most influential antisemite today pushing leftist activist groups against israel.

>he's also the most influential antisemite today pushing leftist activist groups against israel.
but being against israel isn't being antisemitic. or are you saying that the crimes of israel are the crimes of all jews like some sort of collective punishment? that makes you the anti-semite tbqh.

no shit

The bad orange man will be crying in jail soon, meanwhile Greta will be awarded the Nobel peace prize

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gyuribácsi's plan will soon kick into phase 2

>but being against israel isn't being antisemitic.
nope, that's the definition of antisemetism
it's like saying being anti-finland isnt anti finnish

I thought Jews were triabalistic, what’s this man’s endgame?

lmao just let the planet burn
it's good for profits
I, for one, would enjoy 40°C-45°C summer weather and a complete desertification of everything south of Turkey


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is being against iran islamophobic or anti-iranian? no because you don't hate all muslims or all iranians, just the current iranian regime. just like you can be against israel's colonial regime that oppresses palestinians without being against all jews or israelis.

we are, which is why we hate nazis like soros.
also based yair netanyahu dropping truthbombs about him 24/7
soros isnt against any regime, he's anti israel as in against the country because he's a fucking nazi antisemite.

Soros was 14, then. You act as if he made choices. He was being protected by a government official who used his position in the Nazi system to get some jews to pass under the radar.

The "Soros is a nazi" bit is Zionist drivel, because he doesn't support your awful government.

I think letting this little naive, dumb and psycho girl keep on living as she is is almost a child abuse case.
Every adult supporting what she's doing should feel responsible and even guilty.

Science must not lose to this type of drama queen hysteria.

Ah yes, the organic grassroots anti-climate change prevention (nothing to do with some of the biggest companies in the world that profit immensely from the use of fossil fuels btw) vs. the gazillion dollar (((science))) industry shill (((Greta)))

>soros worked for the nazi regime
>soros is an antisemite funding antisemetic activist groups

Jewish civil war.

soros is a good guy then