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Brixham shall rise again edish

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loser says brexit

thinking about brexit lads

*ride of the valkyries begins playing*

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Oh hey guys heard you were having a constitutional crisis

off to sit in my car and listen to Jeremy Vine get people to shout at their phones

can’t tell me this scene wasn’t kino

jannys about so i cant be racist but i am thinking about a certain ethnicity atm

when you're a yank and haven't brought up interracial in 2 minutes

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god i wish i had someone soft and nice smelling to cuddle

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probably should rewatch this movie, I remember nothing of it except for the end, freight train in the city and falling off a bridge in slow motion


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this scene wasn’t kino nolan is a hack this was pure cheese

I would happily pay 1% extra tax just for freedom of movement

boomer rage

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pathetic that i get a little happy every time australia is mentioned in mainstream movies

half 12 already
can't believe it
it's not even morning any more

what about it

>Godard has been accused by some of harboring anti-Semitic views: in 2010, in the lead-up to the presentation of Godard's honorary Oscar, a prominent article in the New York Times by Michael Cieply drew attention to the idea, which had been circulating through press in previous weeks, that Godard might be an anti-Semite, and thus undeserving of the accolade. Cieply makes reference to Richard Brody's book, Everything is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard, and alluded to a previous, longer article published by the Jewish Journal as lying near the origin of the debate.[54] The article also draws upon Brody's book, for example in the following quotation, which Godard made on television in 1981: "Moses is my principal enemy...Moses, when he received the commandments, he saw images and translated them. Then he brought the texts, he didn't show what he had seen. That's why the Jewish people are accursed."[55]

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what you in a wheelchair or something? WAHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY

shame he stole the entire movie from a jap
nolan is a jhack

brixham is already minted

Based EU will absolutely destroy britcucks

europeans out
commonwealthers in

That whole trilogy blew donkey dick

Still baffles me that rorke voted leave over bendy 'nanas

choosing to believe that this is a 3rd party Finn spurred on by current events and not Finlad

I like the early works of Nolan. His film is as detailed as Park Chan-Wook's. But I don't know why the Guardian hates movies of Nolan.

its a shithole
dartmouth is minted

>all a bunch of white guys

europeans in
commonwealthers in
gammons out

the prestige is nolan's best work

this but a hundred thousand million times and only top CANZUK lads


Good Post

thought houses were well dear up in brixham

oh fuck didn't watch thought that was Batman the dark shite

Don't you fucking dare suggest sending them over here
We're well over our boomer quotient already thank you very much


You're not supposed to do that Daryl, you know you're not supposed to do that

The blatant lie that a multitude of French words permeate our beautiful English language is a horrific delusion.

lots of shit films out there and lots of retards who watch them

>labour now wants to ban private schools

Ah yes who needs freedom of choice

messaged a girl with huge chebs on tinder

White men have caused every problem in this country, prove me wrong

think you just described london or as i call it stabbington upon thames


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pretty average for the endz
you that lad who used to live around here when you were young?

piper perri on tushy lads

just harboured an anti-semitic view

post pic

yes right... the farther land needs the fuhrer!

never even been there
had a mate from there tho

Business idea: State socialism

don't need to
that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence

remove charitable status for private shcools

Literally just looks like a bloke with a wig on.

>Muh evidence
Fuck you

wow she finally revealed that information?
what a scoop
stop the presses

tell him his shit hometown stinks of fish and no one likes it

funny thing about that is...

reckon you can find much better trannies than that

it is

britain cries out for milkies

would be funny if one the lads just swung their big knobs in her face full throttle and knocked her out clean don’t reckon it’d even take their full force to do it

i will next time i see him dont you worry la'

Surely there's a better looking transexual individual in the UK

leftypol, ladies and gentlemen

anal is grim though

its just the daily mail finding an excuse to say "look at the tranny lol look how gross it is"

my poo is starting to taste quite bitter, should i be worried?

>pathetic that i get a little happy every time australia is mentioned in mainstream movies
Really? Isn't there too many Hollywood movies filmed in Australia? I don't think Australians would be as surprised as South Koreans who enjoy watching Seoul or Busan in the Avengers series or Black Panther.

Dear actual native speakers.
I got a question.

Does the expression "It doesn't play a role" exist in your language? It tells something as unimportant.

Suck your mum rorke

Do you disagree with them then

poor i’ve seen fitter trannies down my local


Lol this is me

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They'll fuck you after this mate

britain cries out for shit sandwiches

even if they're filmed in australia they're never set there

it is pretty gross tbf

leftypol flipping out over an objection to his overt anti-white racism

dont really care about trans issues just think its a bit cheap

South Korea's showed up in the MCU twice and Australia hasn't copped a mention in 22 films

Although they did film one here and one of our lads plays Thor

what fucking ugly camera work

why can't we all just be beautiful why are genes so shit

cheating in sims again

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you cant be racist against white people

Scared to @ me you little virgin

beauty is unironically a social construct genes don’t care about that shit

thanks lad.

might be buying an apartment soon lads

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give it 100 years or so and genetic engineering will fix it lad :)

soy gulping twat

hate it when you have an empty tummy and coughing makes you feel sick and almost gag

what are you on about lad don't touch soy products me

I'm pretty good looking lad

Yes it does my German friend :)

Composing a list of the boomers enemies of the people:
>raheem sterling
>gina miller
>diego maradona
>jon snow
>diane abbot