Official Laugh At The UK Thread


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Who is that guy?

What the fuck did they do this time?

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I don't know, but he looks Turkish...?

I though the UK was a White country.

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what did the tyrannical eu do this time?

>we need british people to make british laws for britain
>nooo I don't mean like this

>Parliament returns tomorrow
>Prime Minister's Questions are tomorrow
What will they ask Mr. Johnson?

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To get his ass to Brussels to talk with the Tusk. It is the only way out for him. UK politics is a mess.

>Tusks says no

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European Union just can't stop winning. Britcucks are fucking pathetic.

i'll laugh with you guys for a second
fuck boris lole

I'm so ready for that ride, but the EU needs a deal too. So that wont happen. This memery needs to stop.

fucking continentals they FORCED THE SUPREME COURT REEEEEE

What would he think?

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Is nobody in the British government worried this will have people lose faith in their democracy?
It obviously doesn't matter what people vote for because they have repeatedly expressed their wish to leave the EU and the government just doesn't feel like it

If only they had a plan what to do with the Irish border. AFTER FOUR (4) LONG YEARS

in my understanding, it's not the government but the public representation that prevents it from happening

European Union: 7
Johnson: 0

they voted once and then nothing happened for 4 years, thats an election time here, do you not change governments in germany because you voted once?

absolute madman
what will he do next?

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wasnt brexit 2 years ago ? why the fuck are they still talking about it ?

This Brexit show is straight up diabolical lads, the writers are meaner than the guys from GoT.

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>Is nobody in the British government worried this will have people lose faith in their democracy?
I think not. Probably because we're generally quite timid when it comes to "civil disobedience". So something like this happening in France would likely have swathes of people trashing cities, here we just say "Bloody self-serving bastards!" and sup tea.

Well, it is good to see that on this side of the pond there still is judicial power independent enough to slap down hard on executive overreach.

Incidentally, has this clown managed to "win" in anything yet? I recall every single vote in the parliament has been in his defeat, and now court decisions are counted against him as well.

*breathes in*

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>oh shit boys the uk is trying to leave the eu
>we better punish them by making it as hard as absolutely possible as a message to other eu states
>otherwise they might also start thinking about leaving the eu
>you HAVE to accept free movement if you want a trade deal
you know a union is really great when you have to threaten people to make them stay instead of everybody wanting in
you know free movement is a great idea when you have to bind it to trade to force people to accept it

>force people to accept it

Don't blame the EU's position. Most blame should be reserved for the Tories though and the way they've negotiated over the past 2-3 years. Even Tories close to May agree with this.
And May herself was a mistake. Having a Remain PM was a disastrous move.

The Judiciary is run by far-left sabotators everywhere, it seems.

Won't the good British people go to the streets? We launched major protests when the Supreme Court tried to release Lula the day before recess

What about the military? Have they got no balls?

What a wonderful example of spinning the narrative to fit your own preconceptions. Let's look at the facts now :
>" Yo, UK, you literally have the best of both worlds by being a strong member of the EU while blocking any policy you don't like to keep on being your own special little snowflake
> You don't get the €, you have your rebate, you have access to the EU single market freely
> Please don't leave now. We hope you stay." - the EU leaders, unanimously
> "Fuck you, we leave" - the UK
> no plans
> Leave campaign carried by fake numbers, fake or exaggerated news, no clear plans
> After Leave victory, none of the main leaders for it own up to their shit and assume leadership, which befalls on reluctant Remainer
> No Irish border plan, was not foreseen by anyone
> And by the way fuck you good people of Scotland as well
> Spend 1,5 years of the 2 years planned spamming empty words such as "Brexit means Brexit" while the EU27 plays it tight & professionally, lay down their red lines and stay united together
> Parliament rejects every option on the table : no deal, May's deal thrice, etc ...
> Labour has no clear plan, Tories have no clear plan
> Meanwhile the EU has laid out everything that would need to be discussed and solved from the get-go, and obviously will not allow its unity to be further shattered by a temperamental UK that offers no solutions, only refusals

Literally this mess is 100% a British one, and a result of how their politics are being conducted without any clear majority on what policy to adopt for what's next.
Shifting the blame unto the EU is pants-on retarded and a prime example of bad faith.

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there's no real alternative to the backstop which is the biggest bug bearer
the EU have been asking the government to submit proposoals for a substitute and jack fucking shit has been received
i would've thought johnson would've backstabbed the DUP and just put a border down the irish sea by now

Your post is every much as utter bollocks as the Leaf's.

Free movement makes it easier to trade. It’s free movement of capitals and goods before it is of people

>this pic
It's not cool make fun of people with cretinism user.I know that Britain is acting retarded but you shouldn't have gone and posted the picture of an actually disabled person.

>good people of Scotland
Lmao. Deluded Frogwog.

That's too bad I like Boris

there was one (1) country which didnt limit immigration for newly joined countries, will you guess which was it?

Not even Yanks have crack this shit. Deary me.

Are you talking in 2004 when 12 of the 15 current members put limitations on the amount of Eastern Euro workers arriving AFTER they agreed to their ascension, which meant the UK, Ireland and Sweden ended up with more than they anticipated?

Lets be honest here: You have to be fucking retarded to leave. And unlike the majority of the population politicians are more aware of the fact their nation has no cheap labor, no natural resources and literally nothing on their own.

Just fucking LOL at the UK in general

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airline ticket counters are dangerous places, thank the health and safety gods that he was wearing his hi-vis

That’s how it works. When a country joins Schengen you can put limits on immigration from that country for a few years

It's not, but please highlight with a red marker on the screen on my post which facts I have gotten wrong.
The people voted for Brexit for doubtful reasons and your politicians have been unable to unite and deliver it, or offer an acceptable alternative since then.
The EU did not want you to leave and has always said so, and your Parliament has effectively rejected every option that was put forth before them, deeming each one worse than what the currently enjoys. Which is true, you could not get a better deal than what you already had.
Don't get me wrong, England will leave and overcome this, at some point, in some capacity. And if you guys go through with your idea of building a sort of "Singapore-upon-Thames", I can see a future in which you'll thrive economically at least.
But you'll have to endure a few years of recovering first, and as of right now, you're in a complete deadlock as to what to do, how to proceed or with who to do it with.

The Scots are always good people.

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dont be so excited, juan, who's gonna fall off of your balconies if we leave the EU?

>more than they anticipated
very nice politically correct term, mr victim
meanwhile in reality you just had to tie working to a permit

He's literally half Turk.

Which completely undermines the whole Four Freedoms of the EU.
And they did this in such a deceptive manner it clearly pissed off many here.

Two events have happened since we agreed to join the EEC that have contributed more to us voting to leave than anything else. The first was not holding a referendum on Maastricht, and the second was the shitcunt tactic pulled in 2004.

>very nice politically correct term, mr victim
What the fuck are you talking about? Do you even understand what 'anticipated' means?
Based on a report, Labour had anticipated 5-13k migrants from the A8 and we ended up with TEN TIMES that. It screwed over certain communities (go read up on Page Hall in Sheffield), screwed over tradesman because they were being undercut by cheap labour and screwed over our (already) fragile relationship with the EU.

>The Scots are always good people.
The most fraudulent, dishonourable, parasitic people in Europe.
Would rather take Magyars, Krauts and you Frogs over them.

It doesn’t undermine the 4 freedoms, Schengen has its rules too
You can’t keep it forever but an adjustment period is provided by the treaty

not even close, he's 1/8 turk 1/8 jewish

>freedom of movement
>b-but there's restrictions when we want

>the EU needs a deal too.
the EU is ready for a Brexit with no deal, France you and us will be fucked hard but will be far worse for the UK

Boris is such a turbo mutt that his genes have collapsed under the sheer weight of his diabolically messed up ancestry that white is the default.

When it’s in the rules, yeah. You can also shut down the borders after a terrorist attack if needed, but it doesn’t undermine free movement