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>literal autistic teen girl yelling at world leaders

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She's just like us

thank god I'm not autistic

Male aspies adore Hitler and dress up as girls. Female aspies save the fucking planet.

>save the planet
How ? She dindu nuffin but shout at the Un

She has asperger, is 16, and accomplished more than you

>preaches for students around the world to skip school
>held up on a pedestal for doing so
where's ed rooney when you need him

People everywhere are starting to listen to her

>Implying the planet needs saving

What exactly did she accomplish besides becoming a meme?

those don't do anything either except wanting to pay more taxes

Majority of technological and societal progress is thanks to aspies

Sounds like a cult.

Yes, you are an autist. There's a reason why you're here

Why is she getting bullied all over the site?

Cope , I may be retarded but I am not autistic

Because she's a female that is not a sex object(well, for most people at least)

How did this bitch manage to get herself a trip to the UN and speak to world leaders as 16 year old? She’s like the tranny goblina but on a much larger scale. Is she unironically backed by rich Jews?

UN always was a joke like League of Nations before them

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I seriously don't get it
What made so many people mad regarding her?
Grown men are literally bullying and making fun of a child

Getting the attention of the world and making milions of people seethe is a big accomplishment

She is autistic , she probably doesn't even have a vagina

I wonder what does mister Linkola think about her

Not really

>retarded but I am not autistic

what's the difference

Ignorant idiot , autists can be smart , retards cant

okay, arab intellectual


I'm retarded , not an intellectual , you are supposed to be the smart guy here , but you are doing a very bad job at that

You just found out about this now?

I found out about Greta existing just yesterday.
And now twitter offered Greta in trends for me.

I-I think you are smart...

>you'll never be sexually abused by a Swedish 16 year old autistic cult leader

Based Great dabbing on Android incels

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The you !

I hate that way of politicking - coercion by guilt trip. It's just so despicable.

This picture legit spooks me

no matter how much she’ll plead about ridding pollution, china won’t give a shit

I can't decide if she's cute or not.

Sorry I meant thank you
Goddamn I'm really retarded

can any1 provide a legit source that the climate change is as bad as she mentions it?
so I can take this case seriously

all I can tell you is that the air quality in urban India is terrible, and the temperature is not good. china too.

it ok's

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