How come non-whites don't care about Climate Change?

How come non-whites don't care about Climate Change?

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Third worlders have to worry about basic day to day survival, they have not the time or money for upper class liberal hipster crusades like Gorebull Warming and feminism. When you have no real struggle in your life or concern where the next meal comes from, you tend to invent imagined problems to give yourself a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Normal people don't care about memes.

because it's propaganda

Show me climate strike in australia

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What this autist said

We do. We just don't have enough free time to visit marches.

you should realise that it's strictly beneficial to russia
it will get warmer and milder, it doesn't risk droughts like africa and asia

lack of education

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This is also propaganda.
Some areas are getting better, while the tundra is becoming a house, car and road swallowing swamp. Permafrost melt just leaves horrible bogs behind.

nobody lives there through

But a lot of resources lie beneath the permafrost and the soil getting unstable is a danger for the infrastructure, like roads and pipelines.

Stop giving such wimb replies
Germans are truly some of the most disgusting creatures over here

You in europe have destroyed all forests.
Fuck off already hypocrites

go visit india or bangladesh and you will quickly realize most of the world does not give a shit about living in a polluted trash covered hellhole

Seething vatniks

Normal people have REAL problems. They tend to not worry about pathetic causes or develop saviour complexes. Well off people need to CREATE problems lest they get bored with themselves. Also explains why SJWS are normally well off people, when you have nothing in your life that gives it meaning, no purpose or nothing to fufill yourself with, you need to invent shit to worry about.

Most of them are from religious countries, that teach them that they are the chosen ones and that the world was created for them. Sea level rises only happen to the wicked.

Don't be such autist,cousin

OK fren

White people always like to play hero, for everyone and everything. If you say the N word I guarantee you more white people will get offended for blacks than blacks themselves lmao

Which is hilarious because they destroyed most of these continents and their natural wild life. Just look at how much forestry existed before Europeans arrived in the Americas

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Europeans quite literally invented scientific and systematic racism, and today hold themselves as the champions who must end all world racism. Europeans like playing supermen later to problems they helped solidify historically, they're a polarizing people. Always have been.

Very based and redpilled.
europeans are such hypocrites, they blame whole world in problems they made.

>Europeans quite literally invented scientific and systematic racism
>coming from a fucked up white/black/indio mutt

saying scientific racism is such a hilarious way of trying to control the narrative

imagine getting mad about "facts based racism"

>black people have no emotion
Such facts lol

arent you a european as well?

Uhm whitey please stop taking what the Jews did for yourselves.
We invented racism, we brought and sold slaves in the US and we are pushing for multiculturalism

Based, and then they always try to villanize you Russians, when they genocided entire groups of people and destroyed the habitats around the world and sent hundreds of animals into extinction.

Leftism is a white's thing.

Russians are European when it's convenient for Europeans. Euros are flip floppy that way.

Somehow teritorrially, somehow culturally, but not politically, we didn't import African slaves in masses on occupied territories, we didn't interfere in global politics with shady activities, bribes, drug trafficking, false flags, we didn't genocide nations and didn't put them in reservations in their homelands.