What did she achieve, after all the crying on public television and the protesting what did she achieve...

What did she achieve, after all the crying on public television and the protesting what did she achieve, what laws were passed, what happened ?

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she inspired millions

You guys are almost as obssesed with her as you are with americans, she literally has free rent in your heads.
how many fucking threads so far?

>What did she achieve
she made bunch of monkeyzilians buttmad on Jow Forums

Yeah, she inspired millions of my sperms to fill her tight asshole

Rather have Greta threads than the same interracial cuck spam and nigger larping

She made plebs realize there´s an issue.

she inspired me to put all my plastic bottles in the ocean

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>What did she achieve
You are totally buttmad and create 10 thread per minute all day long. How's that for a result?


l haven't seen the news in over a year, can l get a quick rundown?


girl stops going to school to "protest climate change"
kids around the world realize they can do the same thing
suddenly she's the leader of some "movement" and went to talk to the UN

I'm not buttmad i'm just curious whereas to the usefulness of her efforts

making climate change an unavoidable issue
shaming the incompetents in power

Theres a global warming and we are all gonna die if we don't do something, such as reducing our CO2 emissions or killing all the Indians and chinks, but preferably both.

>girl stops going to school to "protest climate change"
>kids around the world realize they can do the same thing
zoomer here, maybe I can do the same because this fucking school shit is killing me inside,I already miss enough of it so ill just LARP as a climate activist.

Leaving the kids unpunished kinda defeated the point of the strike tbeh.


>girl stops going to school
why do people care about this ? I can understand being in disagreement with the method, or even with the topic in itself, why not, but why would you make the fact that she took a sabbatical an argument ? It's so irrelevant to the issue and such an obvious way to not adress what she represents that one might argue raising this actually reinforce her discourse

Because they are a bunch of dumb niggers, who don't understand the importance of the situation.

If they made any fucking research at all, read what scientists from NASA, ESA and such are telling about the issue confronted rumours pulled out of their dirty asses such as "hurr volcanoes make more co2 than humans" they would panic as well. But they don't because they are a worthless cunts, not better than a bunch of lice.

Climate change is a lie, and I will continue to pollute.

They're boomers

America is a lie, it doesn't exist.

What I want to know is why this bitch keeps whining about her dreams being stolen. Who is she referring to and what’s stopping her from living the life she wants? Who the fuck is forcing to go to the UN and give these cringy speeches?

the potato doesn't care about the environment, she just wanted to play hookey

She archieved absolutely nothing. The UN is a completely worthless organization that should have never even been founded to begin with.

she dreamed about being a nobody autist swede but is now forced to fly all over the world and become a celebrity

Got you to make this post for one thing.

Unironically this. Until this ive never saw greta mentioned on my social circle. Suddenly everyones posting her on twitter and ig. Shes the new trend.



She makes brazilians seethe on Jow Forums which is pretty cool in my book.

Why would I listen to what an underage has to say about anything?

>not mature enough to have sex or drink
>mature enough to influence world politics

Yeah, nah.

she gave me a boner

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>that anterior pelvic tilt

Women literally get a pass for everything while men are being held up to the highest standards. Abolish women's rights.

Achieved more at 16 than you ever will...remember that...


Nothing, they just let her talk so they could pretend they cared.

America really doesn't exist, you just remembered it wrong

She "raised awareness" about climate change and thinks travelling across the world in a solar-powered boat means anything. She is a good example of an activist, going around screaming about the issue without understanding the roots behind the issue or the complexity of solving it.

>without understanding the roots behind the issue
Damn straight comrade

Aramco just cancelled it's IPO, no new reserves will ever be allowed for exploration under Saudi law as the country moves towards the tourist sector.

We did it, we finally became....Climate Changers

kicked trump in the nuts