What do you think is the best race in Europe

What do you think is the best race in Europe
I think it's slavs

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>Crimea free from sl*vic influence
Based penisula

>Slavic spoken in France
Literally never

Latvia is slavic-speaking majority

t. been to Riga several times

Russia is not europe.
We don't want to have anything common with them.

slavs cannot create, only destroy

your history says otherwise

>Slavic spoken in France and Italy

History of modern europe is history of Africa and america

>france, italy, switzerland slavic

You’re delusional

Slavs are not european they are mongoloid

scythians > slavs

what are you talking about? don't be delusional and learn your history before talking shit

This looks very hypocrite when you try to convince somebody to be somebody whom he is don't want to be.

Why are Slavs absent from history before 500 AD?

I have no care about your shitty edgy “opinions”, russia is european as a matter of fact.

Same thing

They lived under Huns, between Balts and Paleo-Balkan tribes

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It's not. Get over it, stupid child.

We don't kill kids in gas chambers. We don't display black people in zoos. We don't kill disabled children. We're not European.

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finno-ugric BVLLS

Everything was Slavic at one point in history. Better get used to it.

Why are Finns absent from history pre 1900?

yes maybe he is a russian living somewhere in the east which has nothing in common with europe, but russia in itself was always european (history,culture etc.) only communism brainwashed most russian into thinking that they are something special not european

Calm down,he is baiting you like a baby

All things which europeans are fight against now (in media/propaganda only, not in reality), such as racism, climate change, corruption, were invented by europeans. This is the matter of fact.
Fuck europe.

Shut up retarded mutt. Don’t @me again

If being european equals commiting atrocities then you’re more than welcome in Europe

>it's another episode of France trying to forcibly make us e*ropeans

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Look at all these countries

Do you think they are match to Russians?

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Our mentality is very different from that of Europe. For example, Europeans think it's socially acceptable to kill your disabled grandparents in gas chambers because they are useless for the economy and bring the GDP numbers down. We think this behaviour is not normal.

europe should just admit, Russia is not europe and stop such stupid attempts to colonise us and just be nice and respective neighbor. Simple as.

Russia would be at Atlantid level of technology had Napoléon ruled over you, but you prefered your german gosudar over the one true emperor

>Europeans think it's socially acceptable to kill your disabled grandparents in gas chambers because they are useless for the economy and bring the GDP numbers down

You'r mental

Yes,same atlantid level as Algeria
Stop bullshitting

Yes he is,also a big baiter,calm down Slovene


We want nothing to do with you

Algerians are niggas and they went from barbarism to industrial age and from 2 million pop to 40 mil

Germanics obviously

SARMATIAN Empire had once all of Europe before the wh*Te dogs ruined it, but we are going to take back what was our, so better prepare your boipucci wh*te boi

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I'm fine :)

glorious albania is the best race in Europe

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If you gonna post, atleast post the Jow Forums version.

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No , germanics produced most philosophers (I think ) but you are not human , you don't have sympathy or empathy , you think in numbers and I think autism is the norm there , germanics caused the most tragedies because they don't value human life , but you look beutiful , Anglos are the worse , they are ugly , stupid and evil , they don't come one millimeter close to being human

Unironically here before you pajeet

Hes implying the old Europe is gone and occupied by amerigoblos, negroes and sand people genius, so Russia went its own way and wants nothing to do with new Europe and new Europeans.




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Our ancestors

That's like saying that arians and indians are the same: not true

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