How does English proficiency vary throughout Europe (besides the British Isles, of course)

How does English proficiency vary throughout Europe (besides the British Isles, of course)
I'm in Germany right now and it's kinda hard to gauge. It seems like most ethnically German people under 30 speak English, but some with more "confidence" than othere.
Would I be correct in saying that proficiency over here is higher than France and Spain, but lower than Scandinavia?

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Every country that doesn't use subtitles in movies and have localized games are somewhat behind.

Is it common at all for young Germans (in the 16 to 30 range) to not be fluent in English?

Wouldn't it be the other way around? I thought Scandinavians spoke the best English since they don't get dubs of movies (besides ones for Children)

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English teacher living in Northern Spain here, most young people here can say a bit in English but generally most kids don’t care enough to keep practicing it after they finish school, and because virtually everything is dubbed into Spanish, they don’t really practice much.

I’ve met some truly excellent English speaking Spaniards here, but generally their pronunciation is pretty shocking.

I guess it’s because spanish is written in such a phonetic manner that there’s no confusion, so often they find reading in English super difficult,

Portugal is higher than Spain?
I went to Spain in 2011 and it didn't seem like English proficiency was very high, but things could have changed since then.
Thankfully I'm semi fluent in Spanish

Yes,we speak better than sexypain

my thought about this is basically because that english and german are in the Germanic section, it’s easier for them to comprehend, while someone from a Romance country will have a harder time learning English, that’s my retarded thought probably

The Spanish speaking market is very large, so it makes sense. I have also met Spaniards who speak excellent English, but those are usually the travelers. Like the guy I met in Berlin or the chicks I met in New York.
Do Germans resent speaking English? Some of them seem to be slightly annoyed by having to speak English to me even though I'm very polite and try to use the limited German that I know.

Do most French people hate speaking English?

I'm a native English speaker and I find Spanish easier to learn than German (so far)
German has more "exotic" sounds to us. Like the "ch" sound, such as in Buch or Ich

Unfortunately many French fries don't like it when people speak bad teeth language,I meet many Moortugueses having experienced this. But also nether regioners,Nazis etc

One of the Nazis here was impressed ar my pronunciation because I can say things like "Flughafenstrase" correctly, which he says most Anglos don't.
But overall their reaction to my limited German attempts have been neutral to slightly positive I would say

Another thing I'm having a hard time gauging is how friendly Germans are. I would say most people have been nice, but I've came across some people who seemed like dicks.

If Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho are anything to go by, Portuguese people are pretty bad at speaking English.

Pretty much all of Germanic europe is proficient in English.

That's what he said

Probably Germany more so than Austria. But "proficient" has some variation. It ranges from "I'll reluctantly speak English to this stupid Anglo" to comfortably speaking English the way Anglos do to each other.

Very. There is just a small minority that is actually fluent. But all the Hauptschüler can't speak a single lick of English.

>Do Germans resent speaking English?

But he said the countries that don't get dubs are behind

Does that vary by state?

Our media still gets dubbed so yes. Mostly people who spend much time on the internet are good in English here.
I'm a zoomer and in 11th/12th class you can decide to take a basic or more advanced course in subjects (the advanced ones only took place if there were enough students who wanted it in my school, I don't know if other countrues have something like this). People from the basic courses often made mistakes and speak with very heavy accent. The ones in the advanced one weren't great at it either.

They don't, they resent being bad at something or having to waste time with strangers cause of language issues

Yeah but that comes with the territory of working in the service industry of a super touristy city like Berlin or Hamburger

No. Most people resent talking english, especially if its an american

The Germ Sphere has like 100 million people in it so that makes sense.
That's interesting. We sorta have that in the US, when I was in high school I decided to take advanced Spanish. I'm semi fluent now.

Dubs are messed up

Then why do they learn so much of it? If I hated Spanish, I wouldn't have spent years actively learning it

Yeah. Many people also made negative experiences when working in any kind of service job (not just tourist stuff) when having to deal with refugees who can't speak German. I remember when I was at Deusche Bahn for an issue with my train ticket, there was some refugee guy at another counter while I was waiting in line, and they needed like 20 minutes and help from a Turk who could speak Arabic to figure out what the problem was and then how to explain it to him. What a mess. So yeah some people are just fed up with communication issues like that due to stuff like this.

Where the fuck do you live? In the East? I've heard of people not liking groups of American tourists being loud but never made any experience with anyone saying they hate talking English with Americans.

Berlin. I see more amerimutts every day than you will in your entire life and you should be grateful for that

Do people dislike Americans in Berlin more than the rest of the country?
Who is friendlier to Americans, Die Linke voters or AfD voters?

I guess that makes sense. I've maybe talked to 5 Americans in my entire life (I live in the Ruhr area) but I imagine you get a lot of obnoxious tourists there kek

>Do people dislike Americans in Berlin more than the rest of the country?
Seems like huh?
>Who is friendlier to Americans, Die Linke voters or AfD voters?
>implying the majortiy of AfD voters is smart enough to speak English
Top kek
Most university students are leftists and also often decent at English so yeah

The Americans who go to Berlin are mostly leftist hipsters. Which is why I don't get their resentment of Americans
Normie American types go to Bavaria

We get a lot of German tourists in New York and we're nice to them

But do normie Americans even know the difference between Germany and Bavaria? Maybe Berlin user knows more but imagine there's Americans going to Berlin expecting people in lederhosen.

sure, bavaria is germany, the rest is just more bavaria

I think most Americans (not all) who go to Berlin are hipsters and understand that Berlin is nothing like stereotypical Germany. I already knew that for a while, though finding German food here is even harder than I expected.
My retarded friends were expecting that kind of thing (lederhosen and Bratwurst) and were mildly disappointed about Berlin being filled with Turkish/Arab stuff. We all are enjoying it a lot, though.

Are you the guy from New york thats interested in Berlin night life?

But yeah, most Americans probably don't know the differences between German states. Normies mainly just go to Bavaria for Octoberfest or are soldiers stationed there.

If you're wondering why I'm asking so many questions, I've been on some longish train rides and have nothing better to do. Hence my Czech flag

Yeehaw pardner, just like All off 'murica is Texas, ain't I right cowboy?

>were mildly disappointed about Berlin being filled with Turkish/Arab stuff
Top kek
That's like going to America and being disappoint that it's full with Blacks and Mexicans

we like your german culture :^)

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Oh ok, I was just fucking with you, no one dislikes americans on an individual level
Berliners are just kinda more rude than other Germans in general

Kek. It is the equivalent of that, which I'm sure happens.
But the ethnic neighborhoods in New York that hipsters like have a considerably greater variety of food than say, Neukolln.

But I did say they were retarded, I'm not.

What's wrong with Jose's English? It's not that bad at all, he started off as a translator for Bobby Robson after all.

What about Hamburgers? I wasn't there for that long so I couldn't figure out.
An African guy there working at a currywurst shop was rude as fuck to me, though. But another African guy I met there was bro tier.

oh Christ! he's wearing hiking boots

We love American culture too :)

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>besides the British Isles

Are you sure?

I'm from berlin aswell and I fucking hate every kind of anglo there is. Canadians are the only ones that I can somewhat tolerate. But there is nothing fucking worse than a br*tish tourist I fucking hate them so much

it's funny, my cousin's town in Rheinhessen has some sort of annual talent show at their school and I kid you know everyone was imitating elvis

kid you *not