I love Asian girls

I love Asian girls.

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who doesn't?

living in toronto wmaf is ridiculously common. it's always a slutty asian girl and a low tier/beta white guy
I really wonder what the generation raised by those couples will be like

Elliot Rodgers and you knew it already

elliot rodger on soy

Alt right guys get fugly Asian girls, but Chads get hot ones. I met a British Chad whose gf is from China and she was beautiful. Pretty face, long shiny hair, big butt (for an Asian girl)

Waves of mass shootings in canada in a few years

chads get ugly ones too

Latinas are better
(American here, I don't think there are many Latinas in the Czech Republic)

So do I.

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thats so cute I love that clip

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A generation of supreme gentlemen

I can't wait to find out where all this white females whoring themselves, beta white men marrying asians en masse and Europe getting filled with brown people is gonna lead.

here is one of my countrymen coomers as in likely around 3-4/10

Neo Europeans going back Old Europeans killing each other culture. Yawns.

have sex Incel

I'm married

race mixing will be the downfall of your civilization
hapa is not welcome in asia

It's called having testosterone.

sure thing buddy

look to brazil and south america. that is the future of the west.

Stop lying they are worshipped in Asia
Jealous ricel

>Worst K*rea

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Only in kuckrea

You won't find many Latinas in Europe. The only European country with a sizeable Latina and Latino population in Europe is Spain

>slutty asian girl and a low tier/beta white guy
this. has anyone ever seen an elegant asian girl with a white guy?

lmao. hapas get bullied and murdered in korea dude. meanwhile in thailand they make up half the celebrities.


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yes many actually

fun fact: no mutt has ever represented korea in soccer. cant say the same for japan.

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I have but it's by far and away the rarest pairing. it's usually an asian girl who has been banging white guys for a while , and a white guy who has had no luck with white women so switched to easy asians

t, Worst K*rea diaspora

literal cope


seething mode

Full video please

japanese wife going to back to japan with hafu children.

and you will never meet them again.

no sorry that will not happen

This is a lie and you know it, those kids are ostracized.
Maybe USA or Canada is OK but in Asia those hapas will be fucked
but thank you for your sevice marine.

>literally alien head
>good looking


Having mixed kids is a clear sign of mental illness, no matter which combination.

i have uncanny feeling by looking at this guy

He looks like those plastic doll made in China. You know, the porcelain.

Could be systemic sclerosis.
RIP yellow fever man

and sauce

This hapa thing is the most overrated meme that has been going on in the latest years.

...Also, people don't have many choices to avoid, since there are more than 4 billion asians in the planet. Only weebs haven't realised that yet.

Hahahahaha, yes. I can see a grandma having him sitting on the top of her fridge and making little noises at him when she is going to drink juice with her artritis pills.

Japanese actress Kumiko Goto with her husband former F1 champion Jean Alesi

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it's because he's wearing heavy makeup, and whoever did it was used to doing makeup for asians not for white guys

...Also, why weebs ignore that Chinese people are as pretty as other asians, and mostly focus on Koreans and Jpaneses? So awkward.

Annabel Yao , the daughter of Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei with her date Count Gaspard de Limburg Stirum

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Not really that surprised at all because similar species flocks together

Anna Pei, the granddaughter of Asian-American architecture master Pei Ming with her date Herny Gans

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He looks uncomfortable

Alice Ho daughter of Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho with Giacomo Belmondo

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Angel Lee daughter of Hong Kong billionaire real estate CEO with Edouard Lanvin

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She should stop buying jackets from Europe...!

>Asian American
They're not Asian. Just an empty vessel that looks like one but it's not because diaspora always has this uncanny look on them

Girl don't even look asian

This is certified mutt

Her grandfather is one of the most decorated and well known architects. Even I had heard of him and I have zero interest in architecture


She is like 1/8 white or something

Good thing they come with their dads dowry, otherwise those guys would be dancing with pretty peasants.

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Those girls are literally top tier high society. Imagine some favelado monkey commenting on them