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bell them birds again lad sub edition

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dumb crossposter


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if you haven't shagged a fanny clap your hands

feeling depressed lads

*claps my hands*

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how come we need to cosume food to survive

why cant we just sit out in the sun lads

reckon biology isnt real

somethings not right here

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when did Britain die, was it Suez?

if you haven't shagged a hands clap your fanny

careful lad you'll go deaf

Think Britain is still alive actually I'm actually in it right now


The sound of one man clapping

broken britain

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Name a western country that isn't full of wagies droning on each and every day who come home and watch shitty tv and drink too much to numb the day to day pain and then I'll answer you.

probably at peak attractiveness right now this second but still only about a 5

Christ, nothing is ever going to change. I mean it changes is small, shitty ways that keep people from feeling connected, nothing will change in a way that needs people to come together.
Climate change won't be stopped until it's too late, the economy will continue to be sucked upwards until we go back to feudalism again, bombing the third-world back to the stone age every couple of decades will continue until the rich simply get bored of being the richest and most powerful people on the planet.

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that act in 1994 that stopped the free parties and killed the acid house scene

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Me? Don't know shit, and I WILL fuck everything up.

shut up

marshall plan


inside or outside the EU you're still gonna be a wagie working until you die

Vote nationalist

no wonder she's in black and white

watching bbc news look north

peep show's honestly the most genius comedy ever conceived

Not fair, they don't actually have employment.

I said I didn't know anything about day trading though. I assume you can live off of it if you're good at it but judging by your questions I'd assume that you arent'

muh economy
please. plesae. PLEAse think about wageberg what would he do without muh economy

I had a nice day out with my friend yesterday

What did you lot get up to? Overeating and wanking?


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me? I shag fannies

therefore my opinion has more weight than yours

simple as

Need an American nationalist Jewess gf

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The west died in the 80s, when people like Thatcher and Reagan decide that it's not the job of politicians to improve society, but they should be looking out for No.1 just as the wagies do.

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Remember when you posting this last night and got only 1 reply telling you to fuck off?

does greta thunberg have fetal alcohol syndrome

Holy cringe

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um yikes babe x

moving to london next week

what traditional bank do you guys recommend

Aesthetic statue
Glad you're appreciating western civilisation, Amer

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>tattoo on display

dirty harlot

not an argument

Monzo or Starling for current account
HSBC if you don't trust start up banks (faggot)
Barclaycard for Credit Card

howling that poley is jealous that /brit/ can wank and he can't

Luv it when /tv/ has a go at yous

'ate motorcyclists

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There are some peng australian birds on holiday here, not matched with one yet tho

Nah, people voted nationalist and they just double down on these things while acting like they're doing something different. Trump hasn't done anything to stop sending US soldiers to pointless deaths in the middle east, nor has he curbed the decay of the rust belt that voted for him and he is just as interested in making millionaires richer as any republican or democrat.

Northern rock

Ed is that you

is ask jeeves kaputt?

Thanks lad

Did plan on using Monzo for day to day stuff but I was planning on opening up an ISA in one of the traditional jew ones.

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>Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg

1914 all the great powers of Europe were mortally wounded. Many lumbered on in agony for another 30 or so years but all were dead from the declaration of ww1

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what sort of ISA?
I use Vanguard, think Nutmeg do a good H2B ISA

bet she thinks she's the king of the chicken coop, but she's nothing but a low level hen

Meghan is such an annoying cunt.

1982 was the last great year

A cash one for starters, don't know if I plan on being in the UK longterm yet.

just woke up, at about noon

hate how many 'australians' do this


she said ass

australians are neo yanks now

we've all got a date with an undertaker, a date that we cannot break

meme prediction: being alone for Christmas means you're a tincel

amer has absolutely no idea what am and pm mean

might be worth checking a comparison site - maybe comparethemarket


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because pakis are low IQ

borris dropping the bantz on these yank businessmen

was going to wank yesterday but cut my hand open so i couldn't ;p

gay porn is a bit bent

the more acid I do the less I care about brexit

Why do so many people hate this Greta person? She's a kid who is concerned about how slow the world's governments are at getting rid of shit that poisons the planet.

I mean even if you are a retard and think climate change is a hoax, why would you be so angry at her personally for being concerned and impassioned about it?

It's a continuum rather than a single event. Look, for instance, if an aneurism explodes in your brain, it's not the explosion itself which is to blame for the incident, but you have to consider everything that happened before that event. These thousands of coke drank along greasy shit, these hundreds of cigarettes, these dozen of mental breakdown which have suddenly increased your cortisol rates, the lack of exercise, the lack of sleep and obviously genetic conditions. A continuum.

low IQ post

wont SOMEBODY PLEASE think about chinkberg's profit margins

shes being used lad, i dont think many people have a problem with what shes saying its just the fact shes been taken advantage of and used as a mouth piece

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I'd use her as a mouth piece tbf

Because a lot of people are sensitive and hate being told they're doing something bad, especially by a child in an angry and accusatory tone

because she is a jewish psyop

honestly just hate swedes

Eating an absolutely PENG corned beef sandwich

please.. think of muh economy

Because it feels all very choreographed and staged.
I'm not a climate change denier, there obviously needs to be work done to manage emissions, pollution etc., but when you look at who is pulling the strings in regards to Greta it's clear she's being manipulated by people with political agendas that are not exclusively about climate change.