U'r cunt

>u'r cunt

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heeeeeell FUCKING no.

Who is the Chad?

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Would what?

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>being a pedo
I prefer my women to be fully past puberty. How can pedos even be attracted to this? It's like a boy with long hair. Wait...WAIT!!! I GET IT NOW!! Pedos = homosexuals!!!
t.a homosexual

Literally legal, you moron


She's 100% legal in Canada. But no, I wouldn't because I only breed Latinas and blacks.

Legal in my country
But no

It's not about her being legal. She doesn't look like a woman you literal homo. Why are pedos so stupid? Brain damage is my first guess.

maybe after she's been properly exorcised.

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tell me about her, why doesn't she wear the bra?

>she doesn't look like a woman
Your "women" looking feminine while having a dick are not women, southern romanian user

Beat the hell out of Greta? Of course

Someone is really doing a great job, forcing you to make free propaganda of her. I wonder who it might be?

does he have a big nose?

it would be extremely painful

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