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Hey anons, I don't come here much but I plan to make this place my regular board. As such, I have a small question that I'm hoping produces some good answers.

I'm planning on investing in cryptocurrency, but which should I invest in? I've been told not to invest in Bitcoin because it's climb and fall potential isn't very marginal, but I don't want to get some shitstain hipstercrypto and have 100k coins in my wallet that translate to about $5. Where do I go Jow Forums?

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Unironically just buy BTC and ETH until you get a better grasp of this space. Everything else in the top 20 is a scam. 90% of the top 100 are scams.

There's two types here fren. Those who believe in crypto and guys like me that just use it to make fiat that really pays for shit. My advice, get on Idex and stack wash rinse and repeat.

I'll give you a list of what in my opinion aren't confirmed scams in the top 100, I don't even own all of these-
>HOT (definitely potential vaporware scam, I'm on the fence)

Take ZIL and HOT out the list.

BTC, ETH and LTC. LINK is the best performing project since last year so maybe invest in that if you want. I would ignore everything else and accumulate those 4 while prioritising BTC and ETH.

That was only 8, to fill in the other two I'd say REP and LINK are decent coins too, I guess

ZIL still has time to prove itself, I want to retain at least some faith in Asia.

these are decent but not ZIL.
hot is also bretty sketch

To be honest I don't even care if HOT turns out to be a scam, if it is it's a very well-crafted scam and is going to do very well in the next alt season.

This has all been very helpful and I very much appreciate the lack of "fuck off newfag"in this thread lmao.

Now for another dumb question - which is the best market? Website-wise, I mean, because a friend told me to go with KuCoin but I've been told that they're a little sketchy by others.

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>not one mention of BAT
>the crypto that will onboard the normies

Depends where you are located, you want an exchange with fiat gateways. I use Cuckbase for that. Also it's probably best to learn how to securely store cryptocurrency on a Hardware wallet before putting significant funds into it.

Kucoin is sketchy and you don't want to keep funds on there for longer than you need to. If you decide to go after esoteric shitcoins you may need to use sketchy chink exchanges but definitely don't keep your coins there.

Fantastic, I'll make it a priority to teach myself about secure storage. So I imagine just searching up in Google 'Best Cryptoexchanges in Australia' would do the trick in that regard?

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You need exchanges with AUD pairings. I don't know any of these exchanges except Coinbase. Might be best to stick with them for now.

Terrific, thank you very much fren. Might go with Coinbase simply because it seems like a pretty stable platform. Not a big fan of the privacy invasion thing but hey, spy's gonna spy idgaf. I don't care if they know how poor I am lmao.

Thank you again. o/

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Np desu. Best of luck and be wary of scams.

>bunch of shit
You were so close

Hence why I told OP to just stick with BTC and ETH. I'm not here to shill shitcoins to newfags. Those are also better than literally anything else in the top 100, which are actual scams.