Calvin Ayre to release Satoshi proof

Calvin will release proof that Craig is Satoshi next week. Strap on guys, it's happening. Core coiners will get it STIFF

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What happens today?

calvin can't even wipe his ass without his carers help, let alone prove an australian conman is satoshi.

So what kind of proof do you think he will release?

yeah hope harder, bottom bitch

So? Who cares? What you fucking retards don't get is this: If Vitalik dies, Ethereum tanks to sub $50. It fucking sucks.

If Craig dies, Bitcoin either soars higher or stays where it is because nobody gives a shit. Only retarded BSV holders actually care about this man being Satoshi or not. The rest of us don't care. Bitcoin is BTC and will stay that way REGARDLESS of what "the real Satoshi" says. This is the truth of the matter.

It's just craig telling calvin "it will happen any moment"

I realized that BSV holders actually, unironically believe that he's Satoshi, kek. I guess they'll have to switch to believing it ironically in a few weeks.

>Bitcoin is BTC
You should probably read the whitepaper because that statement is so far off it's not even funny

we change it to 17th
ohnos, sorry, thats the 21st
in fact, make it tomorrow
>Tomorrow, tomorrow
>We'll prove it, tomorrow
>Its always
>a day

"Muh whitepaper" is a marketing slogan used to promote nChain's patents to schmucks. I can't belive BSV bagholders are so gullible. Do you realize that literally every single crypto project is derived from the original whitepaper in one way or another? Besides, it's not just the whitepaper alone, the original Satoshi (not CSW) solved many problems like Byzantine Fault Tolerance which laid the foundation for the blockchain tech for years ahead.

There's never been a set date, concern troll.

Yeah, cuz the masses don't care about authority or authority figures.

Prepare to face your own retardation.

LMAO meanwhile he's a billionaire and you are a nobody street shitter working minimum wage to shit up the board with your paid low IQ comments.

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they are full of shit, Creg as a rule, Calvin increasingly so. Put up or shut up - and the former isn't really an option anyway. Is it

Significant proof? Ummm, sign a fucking message or transaction

they said May 15.
they said

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Yep, and CSW is on his paycheck. Which is kinda weird considering that CSW is preaching lawfulness all the time yet his benefactor is basically indicted.

wind and piss user.
yet more wind and piss

Would the obliteration of your sphincter be proof enough?

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absolute state of core cucks forgetting why he is so rich today

Who exactly? CSW is in debt to the Australian government, he's definitely not rich.

LOL, where did you get that from? If you are talking about the case the ATO had against him, I can inform you that Craig won the case and the Australian Tax Office ended up owing Craig money. Please ask Greg Maxwell to make better fud next time

What case did he win?

I will grant that Ayre better do something upon this tweet. But really all others claims about "this date will be the deadline" are nonsense. CSW only recently started sueing for the Satoshi identity and lawsuits can take a long time. The Ira Kleiman lawsuit, which has been running for some time, isn't about Satoshi proof, it's about key ownership.

Please dyor. It's so tiresome to spoon feed you in every single thread

So, he's still under investigation. There was a mention in the court documents.

>CSW only recently started sueing for the Satoshi identity and lawsuits can take a long time.
And nChain is planning to sell "intellectual property" on behalf of Satoshi. Coincidence? I don't think so. Always look up the supply chain.

did u know michael cranston, the lead investigator in csw's tax case, was later jailed for tax fraud? he was found not guilty but still

>And nChain is planning to sell "intellectual property" on behalf of Satoshi
You must be pretty dense. nChain is founded buy Craig

Could be a completely separate occasion, the mention of the ATO investigation is fresh

Not really, mate, nChain is founded and funded by Calvin Ayre, just like Craig's "outing" as Satoshi. DYR

I'll sell all my LINK and buy BSV if Calvin actually proves CSW is Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of Bitcoin. And no I don't want some mental gymnastics proof, I want concrete evidence.

>nChain is founded and funded by Calvin Ayre
I find it hard to believe you are this stupid. nChain was founded by Craig and that information is public. Just google it.

hes not satoshi. no one cares.
and even if he was, BSV is still a shitcoin.

nChain was founded by CSW. The bsv conspiracy theories are weak.

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Oh yeah, me bad. It still receives funding from Antilles offshore funds that belong to you know who.

>I can inform you that Craig won the case and the Australian Tax Office ended up owing Craig money.
Pic related lulz
rare sensible comment (from presumably BSV side) - maybe, you'd done a bit more of that, and a bit less BS'ing previous, tings be different. But Cregs claim to be Satoshi (and presumably use of Bitcoin name, etc) rests on two things, evidence, and credibility. Having demonstrated neither to date, be better just STFU'ing now, won't happen tho.


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you won't get any because the judge isn't even asking for proof. he literally just wants a list of addresses that craig owns. which proves nothing. i could print out a list of addresses and run around saying i own them. only way to prove is to sign. if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to sign or just shut the fuck up.

>i could print out a list of addresses and run around saying i own them
But why would you? Then you would have to pay taxes on the coins in the adresses you claim are yours

As proof of solvency, for marketing purposes - there are several options, not necessarily contradicting each other

If you claim to have 1 mill in BTC you will have to pay taxes on those. Why would anyone do that if they don't actually own said coins?

You realize the ATO agent in charge of the investigation against Craig, who raided his house was himself indicted for fraud right?

Fucking filters

Replace baka with "s m h" without the space sidney morning herald

Fucking filters

Replace baka with "s m h" (without the space) domain is Sydney Morning Herald

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There must be a caveat, like special taxable events. An idle asset is perhaps not taxable (like a gold bar)

That clearly happened before the filling of the complaint, most likely a different occasion for different reasons

yes, that fact helped Pic Related greatly in his case as well. Still gonna die in prison tho. Unfortunately ATO also does have MOAR officers and can open MOAR investigations, this whenever they please. Creg seems to be something of a hobby for them. Such a shame he doesn't get to spend more time back home nowadays. isn't it ?

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so the court scam isn't working? what a fucking surprise.

holy shit this bsv drama is cringe, get the fuck out from my Jow Forums


Yeah, it's cringe, but addictive as fuck and pretty lulzy if you're not a nervous bagholder