UK purchases fucked

Anyone in UK fucked trying to buy crypto with fiat now?

Tried buying on normie base with debit card this morning and got rejected 3x. Did a bank transfer instead and now my funds are on hold for 5 days so I can't even withdraw to buy shitcoins.

Never happened before, always came through immediately and funds withdrawable instantly. This was with HBOS btw.

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Phone your debit card provider and tell them to sort their shit out.

Just checked Leddit. Other people are having funds held by Coinbase for minimum 5 days now. My funds have already cleared from my bank via faster payments.

The fuck is going on with shitbase

Looks like they have added 5 holding days to transfers for all UK customers judging by twitter chimpouts also.

Pls get me off this island


Use Bitstamp as onramp?

Yeah it's fucked. Even last night pro wasn't taking the normal deposits and it looked dodgy as hell so i went through the normal base and 5 days wait...

I just wanted more linkies...

Thats for posting this user, I was about to use yhem but fuck waiting 5 days

oi lad u got a loicence for buyin that there cryptic currency?

used it since '14 its my go to

Localbitcoins, user.

Local ether and local BTC
Might pay a little more but...

Same thing happened to me - did a bank transfer with no problems a few weeks ago. Tried to buy some alts again 2 days ago and I can't even transfer it to cb pro. I ate the charges

>doesn't know about bitcoin ATMs existing in almost EVERY city with a population above 1million.

Snap. Pricks have my money on hold for 5 days

Use Revolut mate, high street banks will block you but Revolut supports crypto

>using one

Revolut to Coin metro Exchange

glad too see its not just me.

Revolut is garbage now too since they implemented the crypto exchange feature which you can't even do anything with

>he doesn't use revolut as an intermediary bank

free currency conversion, free international money transfer

not talking about their own crypto stuff

> doesn't know why Bitcoin exists

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Ukfag here. What's the best way to withdraw to fiat? Coinbase wants me to bank transfer to some Slav bank account and I don't trust it. Must be an easier way.

Yeah until you have a problem and they refund your money back into someone's account without your permission and you never get it back

Ive done the same thing through coinbase before (uk fag), the bank account is estonian or something. it seems shady but it's legit. Easiest way to withdraw to fiat without sending it outside coinbase

>Coinbase wants me to bank transfer to some Slav bank account and I don't trust it. Must be an easier way.
not really

You are a brainlet. Coinbase operates out of estonia.
If you have a problem transferring to coinbase you are a brainlet, i.e. you are incapable of following simple instructions like adding a reference they tell you to.

never had a problem
sometimes it says my deposit didnt work so i press it again and it deposits twice though

Yep, my latest deposit to coinbase is being held for no reason. Have sent support an email asking them to stop being kikes

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You should have done this. I hope it doesn't go up too much for you bro

Just connect your bank account, transferred 15k earlier within 1 hour from my bank account.

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Use coinbase once every couple of days to deposit small

Has any UK legislation changed? Why the fuck would they slap 5 days waiting on all existing UK customers with no announcement

i had a deposit literally vanish had to contact customer support. Then they slapped me with 5 days. Its the date its supposed to be unlocked now and it still isnt.

I usually use LBC but it's not sending me an email to verify my browser
wirex has a £50 limit and goybase has high fees
I just want to get to 40k link ffs


I just read they have stopped faster payments for GBP lads. Only SWIFT now hence the 5 day delay for it to go to Estonia.

Absolute piss take. No announcement. No notification. Just a cuck support goon on twitter that you have to dig up.