5-MeO-DMT vs nn-DMT, any anons here tried these traditional medicine to get a new perspective in life...

5-MeO-DMT vs nn-DMT, any anons here tried these traditional medicine to get a new perspective in life? Did it work for you? I heard if you are able to get to a high enough level of consciousness, you can affect change in the lower level of consciousness or dimension.

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Things I think about manifest into reality anyway.

Terence Mckenna says 5-MeO does not transport you to the same magical realm as does nn-DMT,

4 Aco DMT once.
Interesting experience.
Higher consciousness? No.
I don’t believe in that shit.
Your brain actively interprets reality and all it does is affect that interpretation mechanism so you process reality differently. No “higher consciousness.”
Also, I’ve had much better insights reading philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience.

Inhaling vaporized dmt crystals from a crack pipe doesn't seem very traditional to me

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4 aco dmt is not anything like nn-dmt.
4 aco dmt is broken down into psylocin. It's like mushrooms.

Does it help you choose the right crypto to buy so you can make it? If not, dmt is pointless.

>did it work for you?
yeah, except I didn't experience full breakthrough, just hallucinations like everything being made of some alien machinery, having all sound turn into visuals that made me feel I was in a boiling ocean of noise, and the people around me having like 6 eyes
>new perspective in life
no, the most striking thought I had was that all points in spacetime were adjacent and distance was just an illusion, but in retrospect it was just cringey /x/ tier stoner faggotry that was a by-product of being baked constantly and thinking I was having some sort of new life changing introspection every day, still, I'd do it again. It's pretty fun, if your idea of fun is feeling like you're about to fall into some abyss as light speed and die

Never "broken through" but I don't really think much of it honestly. Was for sure a fun time but LSD is far superior for me for personal growth and self reflection.

I have taken DMT several times, not sure which exact variant it was, but it was the real thing.

In short, your consciousness doesn't change on DMT - your universe does. Imagine being completely aware, immersed in an infinite space, not unlike the Alex Grey painting you've posted, and floating through free to observe this strange and alternate realm as it shifts and morphs. Incredibly humbling experience, to know that such astounding forms can exist.

There is also a sentience, something there that's aware of your presence. Sometimes manifested as elves or gnomes, I believe this is really one entity, both maximally abstract and also containing/being the whole universe. It is a lot like you user, everywhere and nowhere. We are manifestations of it. If you open up to it, it will try to show you or teach you something. I wasn't scared, I genuinely felt that I was supposed to have this encounter with "it."

Personally I was a staunch atheist before I took psychedelics, and the things I saw on DMT and LSD changed me in a way that I'll forever be grateful for.

One time I did do some DMT without breaking through; I closed my eyes for a bit but ultimately realized it wasn't happening, still, I was intensely high, both physically & mentally. As I looked around the room I saw many geometrical/fractal shapes springing up, particularly in places I looked at, and more intensely as I turned my head or averted my glaze. I was also in the company of several friends, who were observing my trip. We spoke a normal conversation, but I could feel that underneath there was a deeper/dual meaning to the words being said, as if their higher selves were speaking to mine through our bodies, and for a time I could perceive that extra level.

Aside: If you plan to use DMT to improve yourself as a person, I think it can help if you're ready. But it will not do all the work for you, it will only help you learn what you need to know in order to be able to make the necessary changes in your life.

Done it a couple hundred times. Usually it's a full alkaloid extraction from acacia so it can have both nn and 5 meo in it in various proportions. I smoked some changa the other day with acacia and some goo from phalaris grass which felt a little more weird but the straight acacia stuff was probably more potent. Most of my trip the other night was about bitcoin sv being some thing that stops the malleation of time and will allow us to jump to a type 1 civilisation without corruption and a highly functional tiny government aparatus. I did 3 sets of 60 deep wim hoff style breaths first, listening to tipper and had a 3 hr mandelbrot set on youtube playing in the background to check out once i came back to this plane.


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Oh shit thanks user, just sold 100k. I nearly made the mistake of my life thinking that consulting with universal truth was a good idea rather than just listening to an anonymous poster from a tibetan throat singing forum with a barely strung together 'sentence'.

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So no one reports higher consciousness on mushrooms?

>all points in spacetime were adjacent and distance was just an illusion
The "now" we experience is an illusion. It is only "now" from our point of view. We're not on the leading edge of time, it just seems that way.

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The DMT experience is characterized by being shot out of your body at incredible speed and travelling to a place not of this world. Mushrooms don't do that.

We're predisposed to see faces and people.


How can I get DMT? Do I have to go to another country?

>being shot out of your body at incredible speed and travelling to a place not of this world.
Shit I want to try that

Oh i've definitely been to higher planes on mushrooms. They used to grow all through my uni in winter so shit would get pretty ridic at house parties. I hadn't had a strong trip for a while but bought about 50 of these mexican ones off a dude at a doof one time. I don't know what compelled me but i just ate them all in one go without thinking then looked at my mate going "oh fuck i just ate all those, that'll be good right? "... Those little fuckers sent me to some sterile white diner at the end of the universe having some cosmic conversation with all these fragments of an oversoul than were kind of my soul family. I was having telepathic moments with my two friends one of whom is a shaman and i think my boosted signal scrambled my other friend as my shaman mate said she was just rattling off what seemed to be nonesense to him but was launching me from the synchronicity of her words to my thoughts.

There's much to learn from the plants and fungus but it's not always easy.

Anyone done ayahuasca?