This theory fits right in into what Blockstream have been doing: "The Kleinman case is not about getting money - they probably have no proof to get it, otherwise they would have presented evidence in form of documents that showed that Kleinman owned x% of the bitcoins. The whole case is financed by Bitcoin Core, and the goal is that Craig reveals exactly what bitcoin addresses he owns - they just want this list. The moment they have this list, they will block these addresses with a softfork on the Segwit chain. Probably an idea from GMax - I think it was 3 years ago or so, when GMax said that Satoshis coins should be blocked forever. "

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Hey shills, gosh your quick.
Literally patrolling any thread about Craig.
Blockstream you will be defeated. The truth will win!

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Why are Creg's supporters such submissive femboys? It's pretty pathetic, let alone gay.

Why are Blockstream shills so obvious, you guys use the same talking points in all threads, totally organic

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BTC will lose

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Here is an alternative theory.
A. Bloke, sorting out the estate of his dead brother, realizes some assets are non-discoverable in fantasy 'Trusts' and yet others have been transferred using forged signatures etc. to A. Dodgy Character. Talks between A.B. and A.D.C. to resolve break down, and A.B. takes A.D.C. to court to achieve clarity.
From here, we have further claims by A.D.C. that A. Bloke is acshully a Russian Mafia backed document-forging criminal conspirator out to steal A.D.C.s imaginary Bitcoin empire, with additional Blockchain conspiracy masterminded by Greg Maxwells Renegade Beard.
Now, you have here a choice, who to believe. Occam my suggest however, A. Bloke is indeed just that, one who has the misfortune to be dealing with a sociopathic narcissistic fantasist. And if still in any doubt to the wisdom or truth of this Truth - ask yourself which of these two the Judge is more likely to believe ? and which of them is currently RUNNING SCARED FROM THE COURT BECAUSE HE'll GET HIS FUCKING ARSE HANDED TO HIM hahaahha

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Creg's femboy, I know that Jimmy's NLP has worked well on you, but for goodness' sake, please stop being so defensive and submissive about your precious diaper man for a moment. You're literally throwing ad hominems and telling us about non-existent "Tulip trusts" with a straight face.

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Here's a theory: He can't sign.

>posts the same image
>totally not a paid shill

I miss when CSW was on twitter. He would respond to my DMs. I could’ve asked him about this

Truth is free fren

>a theory: He can't sign.
That he cannot indeed provably sign has demonstrably occurred on so many occasions, it has long since passed into the realm of FACT. Until proven otherwise
>Protip: it won't be

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i hate blockstream too and think they've totally fucked up BTC but creg is also clearly a conman. why an either/or, they both suck.

That faggot Richard Heart thinks we should block Satoshi addresses too.

I feel you fren, lets forget CSW ever existed for a moment, what do you think about BSV by itself, the protocol, implementation, goals of it etc..

Is it not the purest form of bitcoin? , since bch has been compromised.

>why an either
>why an or
because every good conjob needs An Enemy, a lightning rod upon which bad news can be blamed. These distract attention from their actual enemy, namely, Truth

I was gonna buy bsv but everybody said it's only for gays. Oh well. Guess I'll just hodl Litecoin

What do Charlie Lee's bags taste like?

>is financed by Bitcoin Core
They certainly couldn't use that shitcoin SV to fund it anyway.


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Same, he almost always replied. I once asked if he was an alien kek, he actually answered.