Only 15% of Binance volume is from the USA

Only 15% of Binance volume is from the USA.

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its actually 50%, but nice try

No it's not...

Nobody knows for sure because some people may be using VPNs faking USA and USA may use VPN faking somewhere else. Actual values are around 20-25%

Sorry burger, you're not as important as you think.

> In any given month, approximately 15% of’s traffic comes from U.S. customers

volume, not traffic you IDIOT SHITSKIN


Literally no credible information ITT

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Do you think really that you can make 15% of the traffic and 50% of the volume?

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15% of the traffic
50% of the volume
90% of the weight


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What does this say?

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And 99% of binance volume is due to wash trading

Yes, because we aren't being taxed 50% of our income to take care of shit skins

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Data given out but someone other than the exchange themselves. Then disputed by cz. Fuckin stupid.

instead youre being taxed 50% of your income to die for israhell

That's literally the pic in the article.

If not BNB, they've surely offloaded tons of shitcoins