Quit fudding LINK

We need Reddit and boomers to start pumping this shit if we are ever going to make it. Someone is going to buy after you do. Why are tomorrows nulinkers any better than todays? The time to accumulate is over, its time to shill and get rich. Get the bullrun going already.

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good luck explain what chainlink does, goooood luck

The fud today has been relentless. What the fuck is going on.

no, i need 10k

>inb4 you had 2y

fuck you, i need more time, i'm a wagecuck and 1 dolar = 4 of my country currency, i need to work 4x more for my links

It is actually a part of his performance. I shit you not, but he eats that burger in two bites. He always does that to energize the audience before his presentation. They go absolutely insane when he does it. You can hear gasping and loud mumbling, as they sit in disbelief as to what they just saw. Sergey then says "You would never in your wildest dream belive that what you just saw is possible. You will think the same about the presentation, but it's true, all of it". He immediately follows up with a very long, almost neverending gurgling fart. This is ensued by dead silence as the crowd again is in disbelief and shock, and not sure how to react. That's when Rory starts slow clapping from the back of the room while leaning nonchalantly against the wall. The audience follow his lead and it ends in a standing ovation. People are are cheering, clapping and even praising Sergey with their arms and head stretched towards him with blissfull faces. The energy in the room moons, and some of the ladies are crying and even fainting.

This man is, as Scott Adams would put it, a master persuader.

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Lmao that was it faggot, its up 10x since we started shilling. We've landed on the moon

I just launched an app that publishes all my public data on Russian mail order brides from big query straight to ethereum! It only cost me 10k link. We are all going to be rich!

It took a few hours but I managed to explain Chainlink to my literal boomer grandmother who doesn't even own a computer and she managed to get the basic gist and agreed it was a good investment.

If I can do this, you can shill it to moonbois on reddit.


Enjoy your bags btw

Nobody has to understand what it does, all they need to know is that it will make them rich.
Are you new here? The name of the game is fud LINK so Reddit doesnt buy and get rich. A 10k stack now costs $15,000. By the time they are comfortable throwing $15k at it, a 10k stack will cost $25k. FUD is over, we are no longer stealth phase after the google announcement. Some people are too retarded to notice, so they keep fudding.

You are exactly the reason we need to stop fudding. YOU are who needs to be kept out.

I DCAd at $0.20 my bags are filled with helium. Fuck off newfag.

fuck YOU, if it was up to me, i would fud link to keep it $0.5 for 1 more year

I'm even considering using my blog with cripto related content to fud link

>Muh secret club

You sound like an autistic faggot. And I was around for the first LINK thread, bought my stack on ED.

Reddit has weak hands and is too dumb to understand the tech, they'll just get pnd and get burned


Nigger, are you retarded? Im saying the exact opposite. It shouldnt have the “muh secret club” mentality. Tell everyone. Thats how we get rich.

Im shaking. I dont know what we would do if your 30 followers all sold their combined total of 50k LINK. How would we ever recover?

It needs to get listed somewhere else with Binance shutting down US trading in September

I will ALWAYS FUD link on reddit and DOWNVOTE every single post on Jow Forumscryptocurrency that mentions chainlink and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

>the future of a multimillion dollar company, their product, and all their hard work......in the palm of biz's hand
actually loving every laugh watching you all waste your time

My boomer nocoiner dad just had me buy him 2500 LINK at 1.55. The boomers are coming lads

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I can call you a faggot
Because you are

>tons of other literal who exchanges
Binance does not matter, I will write up a guide on how to use Idex if I have to. LINK is on nearly every exchange already. Binance cucking out sucks but it doesnt need to slow us down.

K, time to sell. Eat shit and die normie

>it took a few hours
This shit will literally never catch on lol.
Invest in the big names using the tech, not in the tech that works behind the scenes that literally no one understands.

oh your dad browses biz? good thing all the anons here took the time to shill so he could get in lmfao

fudding till i die and there's nothing you can do sweetcheeks

I dont give a fuck. One newfag screaming into the void has never made a difference. Go with the herd, or fade into obscurity. Your choice.

>Are you new here?
Stop projecting okay honey?

>We need Reddit and boomers
Is this the best you can come up with, discordie?


try 200x that

Shill or chill
Death to fudfags

Been on Jow Forums since 2009. Thanks for playing candy-ass roody poo

Good, given you'll be killing yourself soon.

nulinker cope

>muh projection
redditor nufag found out a new smart word! Shame he misapplies it like an utter retard

sergays 600 m link is about to be given free to google and google will dump and dump and dump on every link holder

s e e t h i n g

the easiest fuding is relating chainlink with peppe memes, you know how peppe is seen out there

I'l even pay facebook ads to fud chalink and target boomers and normies. The fud here is nothing.

I'll take as a personal project to fud it like there is no tomorrow

I see the Jews are scared, good.

r e t a r d e d

You virgins have no fucking idea what FUD is

I held when the price reached ICO levels and 99% of Jow Forums was laughing at us
I held when we hadn't received any news from the team for well over 3 months
I held though any retarded or not so retarded FUD, shadow fork, nail salon, broken team, Jason parser, thailand prostitutes, deadbeat Sergey, etc
I held when we had our conference next to the fucking bathroom stalls

And you want me to give a shit about your Reddit friends getting scared of "le nazi frog" or ironic shitposts? Smart money is in, dumb money is out, anything else is just charity to people who don't deserve it. If they are okay with taking their advice within an ecosystem where 40 neckbeards can bury any LINK thread out of the front pages so be it, that's not my problem

Many projects with "good marketing" have come and gone, Mobius was literally "Chainlink but with an active twitter account". They're all stagnating or have blatantly failed because they relied on the Crypto craze/pyramid/bubble to get investors instead of solid technology. Aka immoral techniques and pajeet marketing instead of a strong work ethic and responsibility.

What ANTI-FUD posters are asking is to turn LINK into a scam because these retards don't even know any better. We've been over this since BTC was approaching 20k and the FUD was serious instead of insider jokes and community memes.
Fucking deal with it.

Never selling
Never stopping the FUD
Just deal with it

The BTC fud wasnt nearly what the LINK fud is, and people were right to be fearful. That was the biggest bubble of our lifetimes, and it made tons of people rich. LINK isnt going to make you rich as a $1.50 stablecoin.

cool word salad schizo

You poor little thing.

Anyway fuck off. We need new money and we are going to shill or chill.

This user is correct
this user is a faggot

>LINK isnt going to make you rich as a $1.50 stablecoin.
Do you even fucking know what LINK is? Are you legit under the impression that we need normalfags for the project that will give smart-contracts widespread IRL use to succeed?

Not only it will barely help at all, it could completely ruin the whole project and make us all commit collective suicide.
If you had any fucking idea about the tech you'd know that one of the greatest current cons of LINK is the danger of price fluctuations. A multi-million contracts is safeguarded with an equivalent collateral, but then LINK falls by 25% because of some exchange scam or BTC bear market (aka normalfags, emotional investors and boomers). The contracts fails for x, y, z reasons and the contractor loses money since the collateral doesn't cover his damages any longer. He never uses LINK again and his rich friends catch on the news.

1 or 2 normallfag induced bubbles and we're fucking done.

>implying contracts will fail
>implying price will swing by enough to make a difference for the collateral
>implying they wont over insure with staked LINK on massive contracts
Do YOU even fucking know what LINK is?

you guys have no idea what link is

>A 10k stack now costs $15,000. By the time they are comfortable throwing $15k at it, a 10k stack will cost $25k


The payment will in most cases be handled via fiat and then paid out to nodes in LINK. Contractors will never even touch your stinky linkies.

nulinkers fuck off
if you've not been in since at least sibos you don't deserve to eat the dirt under sergeys toenails
i fud till it's $25 a pop and getting a decent stack impossible for boomers

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>t. nulinker larping as an oldfag
Why are they so easy to spot

you weren't even born when this meme circled, kiddo. think a little

Same boat as you friend
Also rory being a cuck dont forget that

Yes so did we retard. Ramping up marketing does not turn a project into a scam you fucking moron.

Is Coca Cola a scam, because there are fucking coke adds everywhere. I don't care who buys my bags, where they are strong or weak hands, true believers or moonbois, I just want my bags pumped.

>just want my bags pumped.
because you fomoed and your hands are getting sweaty. i am average 0.36 and i couldn't give a rats ass about FOMO newfags panicking.

My average is 20 cents kek. I want my bags pumped to 1k as soon as fucking humanly possible. I am done accumulating.

F U C K R E D D I T i will never stop fudding to these fucking nano buying incells.