***It's Official***

From here on out, anybody who FUDS chainlink is officially a nolinker cuck. Google giving chainlink a proper shoutout is enough to legitimize it on its own. Therefore fudding chainlink in anyway to normies and plebbitors is counterproductive in every sense of the word
stfu with your accumulation bs, if you invested early you wouldn't need to accumulate anymore. Either shill or chill. No more fudding

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how do you shill chainlink btw? i really dont know how

sold at $1.80, us anons arent allowed to own link, even LinkPool blocks us anons. im not about breaking the law.

fuckin useless erc 20 token
fuck you

shut the fuck up and fuck off. we don't need more normies like you coming here.


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Agreed. No more muh sekrit club. No more muh Reddit. This toxic self sabatoge needs to stop.

Lmfao go fuck yourself faggot

Fuck off nulinker scum

no fuck you

Here is a list of everything. Those primer or vision ones are good github.com/JohannEid/awesome-chainlink#official-material

I just launched an app engine that publishes all my public data on every magic card in existence to the erhereum block chain straight from big query! It only cost me 10k link. I’m hoping the price comes down a little more so I can publish yu gi oh cards next! This is straight profit bros get in here , we’re going to be rich!


Mainnet is out = time to come clean.

Shut the fuck up cuck

There's no point to it anymore. Mainnet is out and google is using it. What more could there possibly be to gain by trying to holding it down? Nulinkers can't even afford a proper 1k suicide stack anymore. It's moon time, boys.

I'll make 10x more nazi memes on link

i want bigger bags


ITT cucks who will sell at 10$ and can't wait anymore.
I will keep fudding and I'm working on a deepface of Sergey raping a girl video, this will dump and keep the price sub 1$ for at least another year.
Why? because I swinged from 10k to 120k link then got rekt and now I'm a 40k linklet, and If I can't make fuck you money, then no one will.


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This is you

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fudding for 2 years should be paid separately
feels like a fucking job by now


I'll meme link back to $0.4


preico buyer here
the fud stops now
whatever we have been doing the past 2 years do the opposite
shill shill shill

You are a fucking worthless impatient waste of oxygen if you really think we need Reddit or Boomers to pump the price or if you aren't capable of waiting till 2021.

Nice digits.
Oh wait
We still fud mode boys

What will happen in 2021?
The adoption will dump LINK, because the institutions will be buying LINK from Sergey and dumping it on the market through the nodes.

It means the price will dump by 66%

Sorry your Rupees aren't worth shit, not our problem.

Also enjoy your bags going to 0 when the stock market gets fucked this winter.

fucking npc's deciding to shill because some tripfag told them that's the reason is price isn't mooning, they can't even recognise obvious whale manipulation.
I got in 2017 and accumulated for 2 years and swinged and got rekt and felt joy and panic and stress for 2 years, do you think I'm ok with sojaboys from reddit buying link at sub 10$?
what happened to we don't need reddit and boomers and we have iron hands and will not sell before 1000$ eoy.
my theory is all linkies are getting busy playing vidya and fapping to traps and those are just the summerfag nulinkers, I'm being generous here.

Shill or chill. Anything other than those two things then you're a larping nolinker cuck. You're among the group of weak hands who bought the top and are now fudding to bring the price down

DCA $1.5

How fucked up am I?

>armchair psychology

600m LINK ready to be given away for FREE
link holders on suicide watch

who cares at this point? Their swing stack will be irrevelant soon when big companies enter the oracle. Stop worrying.

You need to sell link now, retards and boomers are trying to get their slice now. EOY it'll be illegal for burgers to own

>bought the top
>fudding my investment so I'm able to sell low

You sure need a regular one - better yet, get a psychiatrist.

>pink id
>frustrated writing
>general faggotry

Heh, have sex you incel

>never heard of dca
How new are you? Be honest

>No more fudding
imagine fudding when the God protocol is being initiated
>pic related

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How much have you made off of LINK?

uh oh pissed linklets incoming

you have to go back nigger