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Holy fucking shit, it's real


Nice just bought 100m braps

Not even 20 minutes ago, goddamn

good fucking job biz

fuck this dimension

Dont buy BRAP its a scam buy ZBUX instead it has more volume ok

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fpbp. IDEX when indeed?

That coin died such a miserably fast death

>bagholding ONE for days
>higher throughput than any other platform
>team of apple and Google engineers
>won't stop dropping


>Brapper (BRAP) is listed on new exchange!

I can't stop laughing at this clown ass timeline. I think I'm losing it biz

Just buy some BRAP before its too late, bro

We're still in the short term of where it's going to go


holy shiet brapper $.69 eoy

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Join the Brap revolution


>this entire thread
>not even one brapper

thank me at

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I'm thinking it'll happen once we hit 100 eth for volume, which'll get BRAP listed on CoinMarketCap

>expecting to make coin with zuckerberg face in a logo become something that actually gonna be treated seriously


everything is going to be okay

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how much brap was burned yesterday? last burn was only 69 brap.

brap me up boys

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Have a rare Pepe to celebrate

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forgot brapme link

>team of apple and Google engineers

I dunno guys I'm starting to suspect that maybe some of these big mcap shitcoins that accomplish absolutely nothing for years at a time aren't actually full-time staffed by highly accomplished teams of high ranking professionals from major companies.

It's almost like they're LYING, but are you even allowed to lie in crypto?


Next will be 696,969

Then 69,696,969

Then 6,969,696,969

>can’t get brapper via Coinbase
It’ll be too late for me by then
See you guys later

It'd be funny as shit if they did a burn of 0.69 next time just to fuck with all the salty faggots bitching about the burning so little

Just use Etherflyer

come on. buy eth from coinbase > move it to Etherflyer wallet > swap for BRAP

i see, thanks

checked. But side note it takes like 10 days to move eth when you buy it at coinbase. I've got one more day left waiting for the 8 dollars in eth I got out of 10 bucks mini test wire transfer.


brapper for some braps, kind anons

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Do you really not see the problem with the dev holding 40 billion?

40% not 40 billion

Bank transfers take days, debit cards are instant

But how can it be worth much? Companies will pay to sponsor events paid lympo. How could this be worth anything in the best scenario?

it wont be the dev and his friends are slowly selling into the hype they are creating you guys are just funding their life

>he's in it for the "tech"

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lmao your shitty fart token is not even on CMC
what a scam

ikr imagine the pump it will get when its listed

fud harder

BRAP in the top gainers list will make it pump 10X as the noobs take notice of it and then see the dank ass memes


didn't work :/

Google and Apple never allowed porn apps, people are thirsty.

Have a rare brapper folks

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Corrected my link


what is the limit of this token?


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Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

Stay salty nobrapper

My bank auto denies any direct crypto purchase, I think other Banks do it too in California

Hopefully Brap takes off like RESISTANCE......

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Oh no

Imagine not holding any brapper right now

I would be so fuckin depressed watching BRAP take off over the next week if I was a nobrapper.