Get the FUCK in here.

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No don’t care about this literal piece of shit coin.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit this smells amazing

Brad, quick! Come back and tell us that story about the fartcoin again!

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yes brad i want to hear it again

what the actual fuck

FUCK IT ill buy a bag goddamnit

my dear...

They've also listed 2 other literal shitcoins today. Good work getting listed on a literal who exchange

Uh oh here come the salty nobrappers

so something that nobody has heard about before today and will most likely scam your funds
stop pretending like this is a big thing you dumb discord trannies. you'll go to hell for this deceitful scam.

>nobody has heard about before today
newfag alert

>big thing

It's been around for nearly 2 years now, and it's got no evidence of scams or scandals, so I don't know what you're on about

also, for a fledgling project, this is a big thing. but getting listed on CMC, then IDEX, and working its way up is what will gain even more hype

this all literally took me 20 minutes to look into, lmao

Just sign up for the brap airdrop on etherflyer and stop bitching, faggots. This is undeniably /ourcoin/

Isnt the airdrop over? Where can i get airdropped, keke i want in

get in for the ethere flyer airdropp

fuck it, clown world confirmed.

I'm all in.

Just google etherflyer, I refuse to spoon-feed you any further.

Honestly you faggots are the worst sometimes. The opportunity to make any money at all off a project centered around fart noises should have you buying. This dumb shit won't last forever. Learn to appreciate your time and place in the world

Snifffffff, mmmm this listing smells quite pungent!

I summon McAss the Wise with these digits to guard over the thread!

dios mio... la fortuna buena...

Holy shiet!

You're leaving without me! Stop the rockets until payday, please!

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bro just buy some. All it really takes is like 50 buck drop to get a few million atm

recommend at least 50 mil as a suicide stack


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The airdrop is now over. The team is now offering bounties to anyone who can get a cam girl to rep Brapper in some way.

braappp moonnn sniff sniff

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Go back to plebbit and coinbase

there's gonna be so much butthurt if this takes off, i don't want to miss that day

do you mean women butthurt right?

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