I have a problem biz

Everytime this shitcoin dumps, I buy more without even thinking about it
>Bought at 245
>Bought at 155
>Again at 155
>bought at 137
>bought at 127
>bought at 102
What can I expect as a reward for my completely insane behavior?

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Your reward is a tax deduction.

Vitalik Buterin being interested in it.

Literally same buying prices for me, except I haven't yet bought more at ~100 range. We gonna make it bruh

>200k here
how big is your bag mate?

Should have went all in on RSR at 25 sats

2.5mil and counting fren

damn, hell of a bet

I'm positive it will reach 500 sats soon enough

At least back to 200 short term that's almost a given

no shit, should have bought brapper as well right?

Do people realize that Harmony has solved a lot of the problems Ethereum has been trying to address for years? Do people on biz really understand the implications of this?


Jow Forums only understands big green candles

200k One Marine here

I'm the same, buying more as it drops makes me feel better about said drops as at least I'm benefiting from them. Still, my hands are starting to get weak.

It's pumping now

7.2 mm

I want to believe

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>tfw I only have 17.5k

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I put $200 AUD in about half an hour ago and already have made $11.50

>tfw I only have 77k ONE.

At least if it goes to $3 I'll have like 50k.

And I'd have like $225k. I want to believe.

450k bro, we're gonna make it.

I'd pay 500k ONE to wreck this faggot's face.

This guy is so fucking autistic they really need to fire him

who's he?

he's the 'head of marketing'. He barely speaks English and apparently is dumb as fuck

The tech is good, the team is good (not including their PR foid), they have close ties with CZ.

How is this a shitcoin again? Just keep buying more and wait for $1.

seems like a fun fellow

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Looking good guys

Buying one and matic will pay off in 6-12 months when both are .50 or more each