Tier 1 exchange

>tier 1 exchange
>binance chain with 10 bnb volume
continue the doomp

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Booooooom! As a VIDT 42k stack holder, i never lisyened to the outrageous fud.

Pajeets will fud by saying this is the T1 exchange

It's not

there is still a T1 exchange gonna be announced , this is just an extra

What are y'all even talking about

Bro let me get 500 I just wanna bump up to a phat 2k stack

Making it.

What does issuing a BEP2 token even mean...

Oh, I see. Yeah that's not the T1 exchange, that isn't even happening until September

Idea not needed.

Yeah, because everyone knows barrier to entry and ease of use aren't needed things in the crypto space. Enjoy being poor

I used to hype about the exchange but honestly who cares. It's just as likely to dump as it is pump, esp binance.
The "binance high" is coming to and end. US customers are out soon. Their IEOs have been mostly failures, and they now have tons of shitcoins in the 300s. Look at gifto and fetch. Even BNB looks weaker now

Ideally centralized exchanges will die off altogether

You guys looking for who to scam with this shit useless scam coin

Vidt token has a zero usage. Most pointless token. Token has no usae in their entire plan

I can smell curry and shit coming through my monitor. Wonder why?

do you guys not have eyes

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^ Smells like curry


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