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Lol the price went down and you posted wtf was that

Yjays so funny lol

What was that!!

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oh yes we're finally back bros

maybe in sats trannys but in USD you still loosing.

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Down over 7% in sats actually.

why has link for the past two weeks been GAINING in sats during bitcoin dips while every other alt crashes, and then when bitcoin pumps it fucking shits the bed. I don't get it.

you didn't understood. user who I responded probably is tranny that FUD this board all the time and my response are about that even if Link dumped in sats still have good value in USD.

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This is unironically bullish af thread. OP couldn't be more wrong. Couldn't belive my eyes when i read your message
This is literally huge news for link and the future price! I just bought 1k link, why wouldnt you too user?

there are like 3 link whales behind 95% of the "top 1000 addresses"/link supply. they play games to psychologically manipulate retards like low-tier Jow Forumstards and normies into buying/selling by holding all the cards for a coin that has extremely little odds of ever being of any actual use, lead by a philosophy major.
all successful crypto projects are lead by developers.

go dilate tranny

ahhhh it's pumping downwards

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Boy Sminem, please save us from the Bog who is domping eet.

Stop looking at the price look at the sat. That's what matter in the end.


BTC is shitting the bed again, soon Link pomp

Ahhhhh yeaaaaaaaah

>23 days until Trufflecon
plz i just want to move out of my parent's house already

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This and I'm 40