E-girls making money selling their bath water and pee, what can a 29 years old Art student like me do to make money?

E-girls making money selling their bath water and pee, what can a 29 years old Art student like me do to make money?

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I bought the bath water, and it tasted like normal water with a bit of salt btw

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People who buy this are disgusting and need to be gassed

This shows in what kind of generation we live, retards buying shit like this and art students

Draw fetish porn. It pays bank.



Take pictures of women and sell your pee and say its yours.

Art student — you probably don’t have the skills to invest/trade. Why not just stake, you can buy Fantom and stake it for XFT tokens on xFutures now. xFutures is backed by OKEx, you don’t have to worry about problems like Bgogo had with algorand.

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>art student
You sound like an absolute failure in life bro. Going back to school at that age is totally fine but it should be in a reputable field.

Test for DNA
If none, then make a class action lawsuit

>29 years old
>Art student

is this piss and chewed gum real? The height of the pedestal some beta males put women on is almost god like

Look into Japanese idol culture and then consider that we aren't too far away from that.

No but the bathwater is bad enough

We're not too far away from idols, host & hostess clubs, the whole shebang. Professional cuddlers are on their way to being mainstream already.

First of all
>Art student

Secondly, there's a lot of weirdos and lonely men out there (obviously). So start painting hentai and shit on request for payments.

earn brap user 20k brap logo on ass pose brap style offer open 15 mins only

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>what can a 29 years old Art student like me do to make money?

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just draw and get better

art student huh .
make some speches in a beer hall.

Don’t give retards like this an easy path to money, they should get on their knees and consider their choices. Who the fuck still studies art?

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Become a tranny and start sucking dick.

Bet the pee tastes like coke and her farts like strawberry milkshake

doing furry porn gets a lot money, and even if you're only half decent you'll get commissions

you can save loads of money by stopping being an art student

>art student

nice one haha

sell your organs on black market

Theres an old saying ... "I'd drink her bath water". My uncle always said it about shania Twain, before, the accident...

Do Japanese 3d idols sell their bath water (or urine)? I only know 2d idols and they are kawaii and pure. Perfect material to marry and have children with. As opposed to Western roasties. And I am sure they don't pee... Also, in the games, you aren't really their "beta fan orbiter" who puts them on "muh pedestal" from below, but usually the producer. Desu, I never thought of there actually being any fans whatsoever. Even if they receive fan letters. It has more of a cute, casual and relaxing sentiment. Anyway... it's not comparable to Western thot culture.

Gamer guy bath water

This was a scam site kiddo. Bitch aint selling piss

Don't listen to stemlords, you've only got one life and if art is your passion and you've got talent in it, there's nothing wrong with studying it and trying to make a career out of it. The world would be a shittier place without art.

Jow Forums is hard on the arts, but it makes sense. Rarely are they lucrative. If you're like me you're on Jow Forums to make some extra cash while doing the arts.
Take the stuff you get from commissions/work and toss it into safe crypto for the long gains.
That's currently what I'm doing and it is slowly paying off. Don't expect to make it anytime soon.
Good luck user. Making it in the arts is hard.
also this.


Valid. Right now BTC seems like a pretty safe choice, but after all I am an artistfag so I could be damn wrong.