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7 sats incoming loser

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soon to be top dog

how's that law suit coming smart investor

Soon to be DOA

Now this is skitzo posting

13 sats

show me another crypto with half of holochain potential...ill wait


Soon to be 4-5 within 2 months. Cap this.

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>show me another crypto that sounds good but is really useless and hilariously complicated
oh boy

last 1000x in crypto and I'm not gonna get emotional like a bitch and sell my stash

Ethereum and Chainlink, but you don’t want to talk about those because your poor ass is priced out.
Nice deflection faggot


we've hit hard support at 11/12 sats, steady climb from now, moon by eoy

No you haven’t retard that support you’re talking about is at 7 sats and if that breaks its over and guess what BTC is going to go past 20k soon and holo will die at that point.

eth day is over it had a nice run, chainlink will follow eth downward

btc will struggle for 20k and when transactions hit 50$ each like last time what do you think will happen

Cringe and bluepilled. Fuck off tranny cheerleader.
Imagine being so deluded that you actually think BTC is going to stall out at 20k.

Hopefully. If we're really lucky, 5. At that point I'll buy huge huge bags of it.

top 100 wallet reporting in, if you aren't in holo you are retarded. This is tron 2.0 with good FA + toxic hodl community

Did you buy a Holoport?

I just dumped all of my HOT at a 30% loss. I am so fucking tired and literally, unironically financially ruined. I kept buying BTC to save up money and I actually made a profit...and now HOT ruined me. Fuck this stupid fucking coin

based and future billionairepilled

Let my story be a lesson to ALL of you- DO NOT BUY ALTS. ONLY ONLY ONLY BUY BTC

you won't regret this tomorrow. this goal post moving tranny shitshow is coming to a dire end.

okay so bagholders do not know that holochain and holo are different projects
this is not tron, holochain is community driven and does not have it's own token.

I've been telling everyone to go all in on HOT since January. Retards on here never listened.


30% loss is impossible retard we hit ATH 5 weeks ago and are still close up there in USD
stale FUD. HOT is the token of the network.

No, HOT represents Holofuel which is the token used on the Holo platform which operates on top of Holochain.

Just market sold the last 5M of my stack holy shit that felt great. Good luck ever pumping again now that the entire community is bagholders and the team clearly is nowhere near a working product. Good night, footfags.

Oh look the usd shill is back. Buddy we broke through the usdt support line not too long ago. Your shill isn’t working anymore.

>holy shit that felt great
Capitulation soon

EOM .05
EOY $1

holding up better than your beloved link scam, sergey still on vacation as other team members dumping

out of the loop, why is he getting a law suit for spamming FUD?


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I think he was threatening to sue Holo


FUCKING KEK. Look at how hard your beloved LINKIES are crashing. Everything is crashing, 7% down isn't even that much considering the huge BTC dump today. Pathetic.

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no, holochain sent its lawyers after him for libel - i heard so he had to cease his twitter campaign

Top kek

imagine not holding HOT or REN

checked. do you have a sauce for that fren? sounds like a fun story!

True, my biggest bet is Holochain and pledgecamp which was recently listed on DEX and have been performing so well. Also it has partnered with Klatyn. Klaytn is the new global blockchain initiative of South Korea’s leading mobile platform Kakao . This thing will moon hard in coming time just like holo

can you find his hateful tweets anymore?

main holo channel

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End of 2020 1$ is my guest

Crashing? I don’t care. I am still 5 times in profit.
How much is holo profiting? I assuming negative 50%? Kek once a shit coin always a shitcoin

Can you imagine holding holo chain? How you deal with your bags? I can’t even..


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Still in profit faggot.

HOLO is up 30x in ETH and 12x or so in USD

you remind me of fox news, spinning things in a dishonest way to suit your narrative,

true it is still up in $, due to the fact that it did well in the bear market. but since the bull market has started, its been performing horribly.

because of bitcoins meteoric rise, almost all cryptos are up in terms of dollars. this is true. id encourage you to look a a chart. about 3 or 4 coins are up 200-300% in dollar value and about 20 others are up 75% to 100%.

Holo is up 40%, which is mediocre at best.

name 5 coins that performee better than HOT in the last 12 month, i am waiting...

HOT has pumped 5x since the beginning of the year, stop lying. do you even understand how sats work??? the USD value doesn't neccessarily increase just because BTC pumps because this usually leads to a dump in sats. I.e. fewer sats are worth the same USD value as before. I am talking to kids here.

I'm Still up over 70% on HOT. It's just a matter of time now that I'll be rich.

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whats the suicide bag for this?

probably around 1 m