I panic sold LINK at 2.9. The bogs finally got me

I panic sold LINK at 2.9. The bogs finally got me.

I wish I had a gun to blow my retarded brains out right now.

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How much did you sell

All of it.

I woke up, saw the price and immediately sold. And then it immediately rebounded.

How big was your stack though? Are you in a loss

Why don't you just buy it back? It's still $2.90.

Overall no, but I lost a shit ton of money. If I just waited for it to bounce back up another 6 cents not even a minute later I would've saved an entire rent payment.

Nice try, bog.

Good move fren. We’ll be at $1 within a week.

Fuck off asshole.. I sold my bags the moment it hit $1.

How alcoholic can a person be seriously whats wrong with these just smoke weed atleast you wont look like a bloated greasy mess

Lmao legit good sell. Shits going to 2.5 for a you are about to increase your linkies. Honestly good job mage.

>Overall no
>an entire rent payment
suicide is no joking matter. you didn't really want to kill yourself over this minor loss. piss off OP and don't make a similar thread ever again.

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you did well man, enjoy your (i assume) huge profits, u can always buy back on 50c

Link .1000 eoy

>he sold the dip
>will fomo the top of the dead cat bounce at around $4
>will hodl down to the bottom again and capitulate sub $1
this is your future op

buy ONE and double it in 24h

it's my get and BSV gets it

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You made the right call, OP. Dodged a bullet there.

Kill me.

Don't play with your rent and you don't have to panic sell like a stupid normie


You better re-enter soon


I tossed my money in ETH and deleted all my crypto bookmarks. I'm tired of wanting to blow my brains out. I'll come back in a month.

>I'm tired of wanting to blow my brains out. I'll come back in a month.

When you come back in a month and it’s at $10 then you’re REALLY gonna wanna blow your “brains” out

buy back in
imagine not buying back in and only losing 5% that's fucking peanuts

Dude. It's going parabolic in a few hours. This is just the starters.

Or it'll be $1 and you'll be blowing you brains out.

It wont be, the correction is over. Its up up from here

But the difference between you and me is that I bought my linkies at an average price of $.55, meaning I’ll STILL be playing with fuck you money

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I bought in 2017 at $0.40.

You chose the wrong day to look at the chart.

Then why the fuck did you sell? You know it’s going to explode back up to $5 any day now.

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No shit. I knew it was a dumb idea the instant I did it.

No it's not. I fully expect it to continue falling until 2.6 or so. I'm just pissed that I did something so fucking stupid and something even stupider for not buying back in to fix it because I went away from the computer to cool off.

we tried telling you
t. holding since the first LINK trades on ED

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Where's the user from 2 hours ago who sold his whole stack (He only had like 276 or something) attempting to buy back in at $2.5. That dude is probably shitting bricks right now

>fuck I sold link and should kms
>it will go down even more

worst larp ever

It's highly unlikely we even retest 3.0$.

Your first instinct is how they make money, retard. Stop being retarded.

I sold the absolute bottom kek

Sold my ETH at a loss and bought back in at 3.15.


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Top kek

I sold my 10k bags at $3 hoping to buy back in at $1.50.

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All these faggots learning that swinging link is akin to tying your balls to a ceiling fan.

do the opposite of what you always do now on
buy at that low and sell at that high
Got it? : bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2827989.msg51629410#msg51629410


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r u fucking serious my negro

Why did you buy back in at a loss knowing that BTC is about to crash and take all alts down with it?

What was your original buy in price?

bro we literally said that swingies get the rope

Good boy, learn from your shitty mistake

>BTC is about to crash and take all alts down with it

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I'm already down again. So much for holding.


don't forget to sell again at 2.80 soon

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You only lost 8% of your stack, no biggie.

kek this

Lmao, I hope you're a burger and eat an extra 15% loss to taxes for that crypto to crypto transaction


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