Best non-STEM degree

can't do CS or engineering because it would take too long. What non-stem degrees have the best ROI?

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Nigger studies

Takes exactly as long as any other undergraduate study you fucking mongoloid. You shouldn’t go to college you are too stupid for it to be useful.

Nursing? Just spitballing here.

Unironically this

Modern languages student here. NOT modern languages

>went from communications to a STEM degree

Who here knows the feel?

Actual data from my school shows Philosophy majors making the most of Non-STEM, business, and law people

in my circumstances it would take longer, nigger.


>it would take too long
get rid of your shit concept of time and you'll go further in life.

> would take too long
i recommend an application at the golden M

Be an accountant

philosophy is hard. its like math but on hardmore cause instead of a small neat equation you have a fuckton of text

Accounting duh

Related, what do you guys think of actuarial sciences? I only have a 29 math subscore on my ACT.



You may not have helped op, but you helped me.

medicine and it's not even close.

Philosophers are good at reasoning under uncertainty. They have no fixed axioms. Thinking philosophically is like building a ship while it's in the water with no instruction manual. Which is also what business is like.

MIS got me a 75k /year job right away, but I’m quitting to be a neet now that I worked for over a year

dont do college unless MD or JD. its 2019 the internet exists teach yourself

>Economics (well, any undergrad) undergrad at ivy league schools. Network like crazy and get into a spring week program during your first semester at an investment bank. Get an investment bank summer internship from that. Don't fuck up and get a full time over.
there you have just succesfully made a leap from working class to middle upper class with a path to millionaire status. A lot of the people I know who did this ended up kinda fucked physically and mentally from the working hours though. There was this one guy who went from an absolute chad to a bloated JUST'd hairless mess within five years. Sad.

Interior design and architecture.

>They have no fixed axioms.

What the actual fuck. Philosophy is all about axioms. That's the whole point of it. You're thinking of post-modernism, where nothing is true and unicorns exist because you think they do. Philosophy is applied formal logic. It has literal formulas to draw up truth tables to see if your proposals hold.

I work in reinsurance and pretty much the entire industry is boomers on the verge of retiring, so it's easy to get a job at least and the pay is good

ha. no. architects have 4-6 years of education then get paid 40-50k starting in burgerland at least. logistics, accounting, non-md health professions.