Guys I think Chainlink dumped because of me...

Guys I think Chainlink dumped because of me. After listening to the Rogan/Jones podcast I thought I might try my luck with the aliens/demons (it's definitely demons) and try to get something out of them about Chainlink or maybe they can move the price up or give me more info. So I went onto a polish darknet forum for all kinds of shit and they had a magic board as well, I bought some Ayahuasca as one poster recommended, it's a strong hallucinogen and taps into very deep, primitive parts of your brain where you're supposedly connected to forces from before our time. So I took it, did one ancient persian ritual and one modernist satanic in my garden and I had to throw up, was anxious but also kind of paralyzed at the same time. I fell asleep after a couple of hours of being, not unconscious, but subconscious in some form. I heard my mom crying, she's been dead for 6 years. I have to admit only negative things happened since. Sometimes birds fly against my big glass door, in that night 3 birds crashed and died at that door. I keep hearing very subtle scratching noises from below my room but everytime I check... nothing. In general, animals around my house have been very anxious and active at night. And now Chainlink is dumping, it's gotten so bad I'm at my brother's house right now because I told him I'm feeling weird and he knows that asking questions isn't appropriate. The worst thing is every time I close my eyes I see mom bleeding from her face, help me guys..

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Don't do the modernist stuff, I've seen people on /x/ get fucked up because of those, it's really bad I think the whole thing with south african hallucinogenics is a bad idea, it connects you to haunted souls.

Oh shit

Did you see a LINK price in your mother's eyes? Or did she say something? Did she look anything like pic related by any chance?

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That shit is creepy as fuck bro
Unironically I would go to church/pray etc even if you don't believe in it

If you're not larping you need to cleanse yourself. Even if you don't believe or believe you have to mentally and physically expel whatever you've done to yourself or you'll be tormented. Good luck.

I might be cause of the dump actually because I bought in.
Seriously though, have any of your family members have a history of mental illness?

>south african hallucinogenics

think he means south american

Anyways I think the best bet for you is to double down and do it again, try to focus on green candles, maybe bring a picture of Sergey and Sminem.

Think he meant south american given it's about ayahuasca lol

Jesus bro he’s your answer get the holy book and read. Pray get to know him turn from your evil ways and repent he is your only hope now

What timeline are we in right now?
How do you call the timeline when investors take drugs and do rituals to talk with demons about your investment?

I honestly thought the poor lad got into Jenkem

sacrifice a lamb for the chain link gods so they might push us back into green again

>I thought I might try my luck with the aliens/demons
They tried to warn you about Father...
Why didn't you listen?

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whitebois crying again lmao, i seen niggas go to jail for LIFE and get death penalty and they aint cryin like those bitchbois. whitebois always cry

Your fear is what’s letting these entities or your own mind mess with you user. What religious system did you grow up in? Whatever you have the strongest faith in turning to that can help. I’d recommend working on switching your mode of thinking to positive polarities, positive music, positive thoughts, smiling more at people on the street, exercise etc. these things won’t be able to have a strong a hold on you if you let go of fear and step into positivity and service to others. And Link dumping is completely unrelated, a single entity can’t tank an entire company unless it infected every one of the devs and put the idea in their mind to sell off. These things only have as much power as you give them, accept it, realize it has its place in the world and a right to exist and you respect it up to a point and then ignore and step into positive mindsets and activities.

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Check behind you, Jared.

>i seen niggas go to jail for LIFE and get death penalty and they aint cryin like those bitchbois

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>Your fear is what’s letting these entities or your own mind mess with you user
that's always the case
fear is a great motivator but a poor way to inspire
>hint: it's all in your head
but actually

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have faith in the Emperor. The Emperor Protects...

aka aids dicc


>buying Ayahuasca of polish darkweb then doing it by yourself
absolute madman.. what the fuck is wrong with you

Also what this user said things like this are literally in your head, they’re like thought forms. They can’t physically make a knife fling off the wall and hurt you or anything wild like Jew Hollywood movies. They can tweak things in your mind to make you think scratching is happening and whatnot, again it’s a matter of letting go of fear, accepting these things have a right to exist and then balancing your thoughts and emotions into a more positive manner from my experience. Same shit was happening to me a few months ago and the more I got scared and aggressive towards them they amplified it back. Respect them to a point and realize they’re reacting to your mind state and playing off that fear.

just buy more link
link is the redeemer

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>Alex Jones Joe Rogan podcast

Based. One of the best ever

42 what’s your thoughts on this dump btw? And are you a newish linker or have you been in sub .80 prices? Lots of anons seem to be noticing link synchronicities lately

This, read the bible, exercise, stop thinking too much, be in the present moment, thinking too much about the past will give you regrets, thinking too much about the future will give you fear, dont worry about demons or aliens and just drive your funky soul, it will take you on a higher plane than them

another thread ruined by #42

>And are you a newish linker or have you been in sub .80 prices?
I bought my first link 530 days ago

>42 what’s your thoughts on this dump btw?
standard fare, daily price hysteresis is nothing to be too concerned about
the real metric is adoption, and chainlink is delivering that in spades
the price will follow

>Lots of anons seem to be noticing link synchronicities lately

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>another thread ruined by #42
nobody asked you

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btw the chainlink magic was done for after anons made threads about praying for link gains, it literally summons demons if you pray for materialistic things. satan has tapped in, chainlink is the mark of the beast, you will get rich but you will also get sick and people around you will start to go crazy and die one by one. i sold after people kept making these praying for 1000$ eoy threads, you ruined natural meme magic and involved very dark entities.

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>you ruined natural meme magic and involved very dark entities.
no need to pray for price
there are no magic tricks
you either live a principled life or you don't
anything else people say is simply cope

that being said:
>satan has tapped in, chainlink is the mark of the beast, you will get rich but you will also get sick and people around you will start to go crazy and die one by one
hahaha that's a good one, might genuinely freak some people out


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fucking tard
Nice larp jew

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your entire belief system hinges on being opposed to Christianity
not even good or creative enough to come up with your own shtick so you just come into our celebration and spray shit and piss everywhere and strut around like you're hot shit

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The fact Epstein is sitting in jail should be everyone’s giant heads up we are at the cusp of some wild times, I’m feeling optimistic about it all.
You sound like a paranoid Christ fag who has watched to many spooky movies. It all depends on anons intentions for what they will do with their money. If they plan on buying tranny hookers, drugs, and rubbing their cash in everyone else’s faces/controlling others with it? Damn right they will attract negative entities. The anons posting about positive thought and intentions in 1k EOY threads and using the money to build a better future for everyone? If they stick to what they say and aren’t talking out of their ass they may just get a nudge from something who wants to see us make it. These things are tools, it’s up to our minds and intentions how we use them and how that outcome will pay out is based on those thoughts and actions.

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what the fuck are you even talking about you jew worshiping retard

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>jew worshiping retard
you've got problems, the depth of which you can scarcely imagine
they will come for you if you keep ignoring them
I guarantee it

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>The fact Epstein is sitting in jail should be everyone’s giant heads up we are at the cusp of some wild times, I’m feeling optimistic about it all.
we've weathered the abuse and the insults for a reason
they were like a dying animal on it's last legs, desperately trying to fight us off and keep alive
but they are bleeding out
and their death throes are coming to an end
>hint: and that's a good thing

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what if I don't make contact and just hold and forget until 2024


>just hold and forget until 2024
I'd recommend 2026
>pic related

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the Gods are on my side where as your filthy kike is nothing but jew fairytales

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nobody told you to stop taking showers dirty fuck

keep gnashing your teeth and pulling out your hair over me

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Call out to Jesus Christ. Ask his spirit to guide you and protect you. Good luck brother.

no one is beyond redemption and the LORD is the most powerful of all. However bad your situation is, the LORD can overcome it and save you. He is good

>The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ is a Christian celebration of the circumcision of Jesus in accordance with Jewish tradition, eight days (according to the Semitic and southern European calculation of intervals of days)[1] after his birth, the occasion on which the child was formally given his name.[2][3]

The circumcision of Jesus has traditionally been seen, as explained in the popular 14th-century work the Golden Legend, as the first time the blood of Christ was shed, and thus the beginning of the process of the redemption of man, and a demonstration that Christ was fully human, and of his obedience to Biblical law.

The feast day appears on 1 January in the liturgical calendar of the Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.[4] In the General Roman Calendar, the 1 January feast, which from 1568 to 1960 was called "The Circumcision of the Lord and the Octave of the Nativity", is now named the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, and the Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord. It is celebrated by some churches of the Anglican Communion and virtually all Lutheran churches. In these latter Western Christian denominations, the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus Christ marks the eighth day (octave day) of Christmastide.[5]

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What coin is this?


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Thanks based future poster just bought 100k

glad to see you've got your fedora posting copy/pasta ready and on hand

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that image pretty much sums up christkikes when trying to shill there jew garbage PRAIIIISEEEE YAHWEH!

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if you'd like to know where the pic came from, here you go:

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thank you for showing us your not sentient

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lol (((they))) really did a number on your soft brain
>pic related
ahh, enslaved moisture
nothing more than a walking, talking, waterbottle

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all I see are to mentally enslaved christkikes worshiping a fucking jew.

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lol see
and strap in my friend, it's a wild ride hahahaha
>gif related
>their faces when they take the 42-pill

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>all I see are to mentally enslaved christkike
you better watch what you say pal
I don't want to see you get hurt here
it doesn't have to be this way
you can simply walk away and repent for being so easily misled by lies
it's never too late to make the right decisions
the first step is to get over yourself and drop the ego
it's a hard step, which is why it's the first

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keep tyring moshi

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Please answer how

Christ saves. Without root you are as a boat whipped to and fro by the whims of forces so much more powerful than you realize.

Find Him.

"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them.

Sure thing jew worshiper

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how to block that 42 dude? he is so cringy and embarrassing, I cant browse biz anymore

>without root
Kind of ironic that christcuckery is all about rootlessness seeing how cutting yourself off from your ancestors is its number one concern.

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yeah huh keep going shlomo

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>how to prove you're not a sentient human

>calls me Shlomo but worships a literal fucking jew

you can inspect element and take a picture of the screen (not even a screenshot) yet you can't change the related cryptos?

asked myself the same

(((he's))) still going!

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Just here to spread truth on like you Jew worshiping retards

don't ask me, I didn't take that picture
at least not yet...

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That's a tough question to answer simply because I don't know you personally. There's no single fix for fucking up a part of your own well being.

You unironically fucked up, pray for forgiveness. More bad shit will keep happening to you.

t. hermetic

Daily reminder satanic babylonian kikes learned usery, money manipulation and money magic from an ancient demon. Also op you got some good responses. Id recommend letting christs loving and healing energy into your heart and home. Pray to archangel michael too cause he will unironically btfo all negative entities.

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Reminder that you are schizo fucking retared

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Degenerate jews called for the death of jesus because he was showing us the narrow gate out of this jew shit show. Repent you fucking degenerate.

I'll pray for you, bro.

Jews didn't kill jewsus the Romans did. The jews did want him dead because he was a pacifist kike.

no thanks I dont need any of your jew schizo mumblings

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you clearly can't handle it lol
>inb4 muh pagan

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Check this out jew worshiper.
>the son of Amminadab, the son of Ram, the son of Hezron, the son of Perez, the son of Judah
>For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah
>He was teaching in their synagogues, and everyone praised him.
>He came to his own people, and even they rejected him.
His own people aka Jews.
>You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.
Samaritans aka Gentiles.

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Where can I read more about the scratching?


Your family lives on through you, that doesn't mean that you repeat their same steps. The historical trap is a tricky one.

22But Samuel declared: “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, obedience is better than sacrifice, and attentiveness is better than the fat of rams. 23For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance is like the wickedness of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, He has rejected you as king.”

Your idols are dead. Find the living word.

>What timeline are we in right now?
we're all "hashing" block "2019" right now
you can reality a quantum consensus algorithm among observers
>pic related

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don't think for 1 sec thats a quantum anything despite what "(((scintists)))" say
looks like doctor who shit

lol I worked on one during my post-grad in quantum information
specialized in superconducting josephson junctions
it's real alright
and the government is funding it heavily for its value in cryptography and code cracking
a lot of my fellow researchers at the time were white-hat hackers for various clients including military

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Your Jew god is an idol from the Jews. Your book is as written by kikes. The bible itself says to disown your family who actually honor their ancestors. You worship a dead kike on a stick

oh yes thank you moshi for your wonderful (((wisdom))) that you're bestowing on us from the bottom of your heart, so generous

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The gods are real and flow through all whites. You are just brainwashed

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also I'm pretty sure that by tinkering with quantum computers we'll find a way to send messages back and forward in time
post related:

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Whatever you say Jew worshiper

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