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>Why Lition Matters?

>Many people are confused by our strong tendency towards the Energy sector even though we are building a Blockchain infrastructure for various industries. Let‘s clarify this. Initially, we started as an Ethereum P2P application designed to target one specific industry (Energy) but eventually saw a gap and therefore an opportunity in the market. Hence, we decided to revise our original plan and transform into a massive blockchain infrastructure project.

>Before we decided to run this project, we already were a licensed energy supplier with real customers and real revenues in Germany. In April 2018 we successfully launched our blockchain-based P2P energy trading app to offer clean and cost-effective energy to 41 million German households. Making us the world’s first blockchain based P2P energy exchange available in a mass-market. Currently we are in possession of customers in over 27 cities, including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. This solution was built on Ethereum and is going to be migrated on our mainnet once fully live.

>During succeeding in the expansion of market share, we came to two important realizations: 1) that Ethereum—and indeed most of the existing blockchains!—has serious limitations that make them less than ideal for sustainable utilization in many business contexts. They are far from “green” (a key principle for the self-respecting clean energy supplier) and are hardly scalable to millions of customers, but even more importantly they are not compliant with the various EU laws governing secure exchange of private data and the requirements concerning the deletion of data mandated by the EU GDPR regulation. 2) If we face these challenges, then all enterprises aiming to launch and scale business applications in distributed environments using blockchain technology equally face these challenges.

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>In short, all the infrastructure solutions available, were just not good enough for real business in mass markets. Thus, we decided to increase the scope of its blockchain undertaking by moving beyond the dApp development to become a layer 2 solution on top of Ethereum as we did not saw the need to compete with it but rather complement it.

>To develop the blockchain solution, we entered into a Co-Innovation Agreement with the German-based multinational software giant SAP, which is in charge of developing the storage and smart contract layers, with us being the provider for the open consensus layer for this solution. SAP’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at SAP SE, Dr. Jürgen Müller, is one of our advisors and actively involved in the #build process.

>Together with our partners we eventually determined that despite our sophisticated original business idea, the time was ripe for thinking even BIGGER. And this is how Lition, with SAP’s support, embarked on an entirely new exciting adventure: to develop our own scalable public-private blockchain infrastructure for commercial products, a system that would be equipped with deletable data features and fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including the most recent EU data privacy laws. Our proprietary protocol aims to help blockchain-based applications to come out of their relatively small niche and enter the mainstream marketplace. The scaling solution that we are developing at this time will be offering a fast, robust, and cost-effective solution for a wide range of businesses and industries, including energy, enterprise data management, finance, insurance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, travel, etc.—in short: having started initially as a limited-scope decentralized application provider, we are now aiming to become a sizeable infrastructure project in the blockchain space and beyond.

Prior to developing the Lition blockchain, the team already had a revenue-generating business known as Lition Energy. And soon, the team plans to develop Lition for use cases like peer-to-peer energy trading and bank lending. It can also be used as a platform for Security Token Offerings (STOs), which are expected to be more like securities than ordinary tokens.

The Lition Mainnet will launch in Q3, enabling staking and masternodes.

Lition has a partnership with the German software giant SAP. Unlike typical crypto partnerships, SAP will invest some real effort into Lition, primarily to develop its smart contract platform.

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This is the next 100x.
Screencap this, so everyone who ignored this token cries and rope themselves.

Did you guys just see on iDex, someone removed all his low sell orders.. The spread is huge right now wtf is going on

the CTO of the giant software machine that is SAP with a $170 billion market cap, billions of revenues co-authored the white paper, has an active advisor role as per linkedin and interview, another SAP team member announced their co-innovation partnership at Consensus 2018, they have real use, 1 being p2p energy, and 2 being a $20m bank loan on the blockchain, talks with German government, talks with Arrington Capital, market cap under $10m, prolonged lockup period, application to Binance DEX, top volume on IDEX, GRDP compliant, and this is still sub $10M.

I'm thinking of buying in, but the spread is fucking huge and why is it dropping if it has all of this going for it?

everything is dropping, look at the market

Few people know about this yet. its very early days.

Bought 5k after looking at their Q3 roadmap, seems like this has a lot of room to grow.. Saw a post on their blog stating mainnet launch is scheduled for September, so I guess I'll hold my stack until then

Good man

But what I'm asking is, if you look at the order books for a minute, you can see the sell orders dropping quickly, then all of a sudden they all disappear from the books and then the spread becomes massive.

How do all of these sell orders disappear instantly without any buying pressure?

you are going to hate yourself if you dont pick up at least a suicide stack.

bots user, just removing their orders

I sold everything, can recommend everyone to do the same.
This is going down to 0, the CTO of SAP got fired yesterday for posting AfD propaganda on the internet, this is insider informarion, news will come out tomorrow

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Main “dev” is a consultant from some eastern european country

Board members are literally the seed money investors

Just look up their profiles and then look up the profiles of the seed investor companies

You think I believe that a sperg like you has inside information of the c-suite of SAP? The largest software company in the world?

Have you ever heard the term "trips of truth"?
Dont believe me, fine. Then you lose all your money.
Your money will 0X (just look at my ID).

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It's going to explode once it hits Binance

You think I base my investments around a retarded frog-posting faggot who got lucky and got trips?

is this the best you can come up?

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If you're looking at Hotbit, there's an option to hide your buy or sell orders.

buy BTC quit falling for scams

inane shit post, construct an argument next time

>Partners with SAP (Huge German company with 167 billion dollar market cap)
>Got start-up grant from Microsoft
>Partners with German authorities
>Mentioned in forbes twice
>Connections to big banks
>Big ad campaign in Cologne (Germany's 4th biggest city)
>Already supplying energy to customers in over 200 German cities
>Established company that actually knows what they're doing
>75% of team has PhD's.
>Not even 7 million dollars in market cap (fucking unreal!)
>New tech (private/public blockchain)
>Soon listed on top exchanges

Buy this before it takes off for real. This is the gem you're looking for, user. Don't believe all the retarded FUD - research everything yourself, and you'll find out how retarded the FUD is.

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The FUD yesterday regarding hiring outside developers full-time to work on Lition was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen, which was why I even looked into this lmao

Its like spergs on this board have never worked in a corporate setting before

Yeah, the FUD is sub pajeet tier. Literally the lousiest fucking FUD ever.

Come on man.. At least try to FUD properly. This is just getting pathetic.

i think its controlled opposition

More like electrifyasia 2.0


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>(just look at my ID)

Also looking at the price action, I think I just bought the literal bottom holy shit

Nice. Good on you, fren. Wish I had more monies to throw at this. It's probably the safest and best investment in all of 2019.

not an argument

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