More proof that Quant is a scam

Gilbert (scam artist) speaking alongside the reps from Bank of Italy and Bank of Lithuania at the upcoming ECB conference.

I seriously don't know how you can't possibly see just how SCAMMY this is. SELL NOW YOU FUCKING IDIOTS LETS BRING THIS DOWN TO .032

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Yikes, and the London Stock Exchange.... GTFO this shit is as scammy as a scam can get. SELL NOW SELL NOW!!!!

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Wouldn’t this make it less scammy? These are pretty large and established institutions.:

That's what a scam artist would want you to think yeah

Stinky Linkys are gonna lose it, HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Buy Quant fuckheads NOW!! Link's gonna be 0 very soon when people realize Quant makes it absolutely obsolete!

I wouldn’t say quant makes link obsolete but this literally rivalry is mad funny

And they're planning to list QNT token on a Traditional Stock Exchange as a digital utility token by EOY. ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME?



They’re being ironic friend

The worst is that it's not a scam but: not a blockchain, token not needed, glorified wallet masquerading as OS, centralized service

shillint at best..true scam..there is no git or code activity since over two months with true pajeets code..but this scam artist get and pay to speak along side of other speakers

Typical idea guy project - where Gilbert assumes his will be materialized by some unnamed code monkeys with no specifics given

for your ref..true pajeet code and last activity in may 7th.

Can we FUD this down to 0.03? I'd like to accumulate.

This is the worst fud lmao it’s a private fucking repo dumbass

low IQ niggers can also speak on those events if you pay 20k

Guy it's an ERC20 token IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A BLOCKCHAIN. NONE of the l

kek. thats how they scam you idiots.

Yeah the con artists fooled sia, he tricked them into integrating qnt into 570 banks hahaha scam

Quite frankly, I don’t care if it has blockchain if it’s going to make me rich. Lol at all these neets who are “in it for the tech” stay poor

Enjoy being dumped on when 33% of the tokens are released to the team in 2 weeks.

That’s...not happening? Are you just making stuff up now? Lol bullish

I hope you realise the supply is literally doubling as well. Such a scam. Pump up the price with fake partnerships, double the supply to yourself and the team, then dump. You won't even hear anything from Gilbert after July.

Proof of this outrageous claim now or forever rest in sucking dicks

Sorry, it’s no google affiliate dev blog post but here

Gilbert is also facing trial in the UK for defrauding the British government.

>blogpost from a literal who

Holy shit my sides. The fud is so weak that you’re literally making shit up