Have you created a Money Button yet and replied to this thread with your paymail address?

BSVers are the most generous people out there and you must have a money button to join Twetch. Join me in the revolution homos.

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KYS kike

How can i get into twetch? And hows the shitposting there

fuck off

-Ask coinyeezy on Twitter
-You have to pay 2 cents per shitpost so naturally only the highest quality shitposts make it, and really good shitposts make many times that in likes. Making money shitposting is the shit.

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I just signed up to moneybutton and bought my name on paymail for 9 bucks. instant transactions.
this is unironically awesome. gonna hitup that twitterfag for an account and start driving up them tx numbahs cocksuckah
holy shit why cant I help but feel this is gonna blow up bigtime

i do my shitposting on twetch these days, feels good getting paid

centralized trackware

Cool but for the poorfags you also get a free paymail with your MB account
Post your paymail for a treat

>the entire internet


[email protected]

[email protected]

Thanks bro

[email protected]

thanks user

[email protected]

Do I pm this guy on twitter or what? I'm not at all versed in twitter etiquette...

[email protected]

Also whats the easiest way for me to just buy a couple bucks of BSV to send to me paymail to try it out...

Bought like $500 of it months ago at like $108, it dumped to 90 bucks and I took it back out into ETH. Oops...

It's a rather mixed group of people. Quite the hodgepodge. People are fairly nice, and tolerant of whatever everyone is posting.

Just remember, whatever you post is on the blockchain forever.


i don't know much about twetch or moneybutton yet but look into @_unwriter on twitter

Cool thanks bra

[email protected]

Yes that's mine, I stole it early lmao. If this gets big, she's gonna get pissed.

man twetch is pretty fucking cool. hope they get a ton of users

Which one of you fuckers bought Bogdanov handle from me?

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Sent something small to everyone who posted a paymail, join Twetch and post a link here to receive a multiple of that

Btw thanks for the little treat user, very nice of you.

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No, you didn't...

oh snap, gift received thanks fren

These are shills, OP hasn't sent anything

Nah I got $2 to my jihanwu addy, appreciate whoever sent that came here to say thanks. It was not need I just wanted to show off my jihanwu handle kek

I didn't see your UserId post a paymail loser, so how can you be so confident?

Contradict your statement.

No, you didn't

I switched IPs, Einstein...how's the data mining going?

I absolutely did pic related

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yeah I created a money button two weeks ago:
[email protected]

btw if anyone wants to buy [email protected] or [email protected] both for sale 1k eoy


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Here's some two dolla bills I threw out.
Bonus: that 1 cent up in the top right corner is what I earned from 1 single Twetch reply, which is 1 more than the number of people who posted their paymail and didn't get 2 bucks.

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Hurr... anyways I don't really give a shit about $2. I'm just bored and forgot that literally everything on Jow Forums is always some type of scam.

Oops I sent you double what I meant my bad

how can 1 man be so based

BASED ty and may Vishnu bless

>[email protected]

Not a scam, men aren't perfect I missed one :)

I am lol

Anyways, I retract my statements. OP is indeed based. Thanks man!

I just bought 2 awesome paymails with my cash. I won't forget you when I sell them for millions OP

Hilarious how much the asking price is for some of them. donaldjtrump was like $100 million lol. How do you put them up for sale?

i think the resale markets for paymails is a long way from really taking off
anyway go to your profile and click my paymails then click the arrow on the left, it slides out and you'll see the Put on Sale option

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Sweet. Looks like the site founders were smart and locked in all the really good ones.

I just would like to take this moment to draw everyone's attention to the fact that Poloniex, one of the only exchanges NOT to delist BSV (cos it's gonna put them all out of business) had made a very smart move and announced there very own fiat onramp also. It is likely that you will also be able to buy BSV for cash money with card on Polo

one more for a poorfriend please
[email protected]

done. try twetch!

thank you
i signed up to the waiting list

How do I get onto twetch? I have my email for the wait list but that's gay af...I hate the forced scarcity meme

Also, if anyone is interested in [email protected] grab it up now before I change my mind on this low price!


sorry i only accept bitcoin you know the real one not the cheap chink knock off.

Anyone have trouble creating a Paymail? The thing just keeps spinning for me

t.me/twetch - ask for an invite in telegram chat
or message coinyeezy on twitter