It's over isn't it

It's over isn't it

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"our coin integrates with a block chain wallet"

Yes, yes it is.

Kek at whoever bought this because it was one of many shit dapps listed on a shit dapp store.We tried to warn you.

LMAO our coin can be stored on Samsungs new phone crypto wallet

You faggots called this a partnership??

cat is not out of the bag yet.

Haha, I might spin up an erc20 now and make the same claim, the idiots on biz would pump my coin to 14 million mc

Did you actually expect technical competence from a project with a female CEO and did you at least make money?


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Haha, the lympo thread earlier had 300 replies telling us we were fudders for saying this wouldnt have 2x by now.Strangely they are all avoiding lympo threads now

Hey frens should I unironically market sell my 81k bags of this for fun? gunna go buy ONE with the proceeds as I tank the price on Kucoin

Yeah still 5% in the green
Don't care about her technical competence she just needs to suck some cock to get partnerships and i'm ok with that

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I'm still bullish leak was right about SAMSUNG and this is not the integration he was talking about. It has been 3 days since the leak. we will see more news this week. many of the guys in that thread didn't even understand the fucking business model. I researched lympo after the leak for 24 hrs. I read everything that is to read about it. I'm very confident and comfy. check price after the (((((real)))))) news drops. DON'T BUY IN. if you still hold SELL now. I don't need you on board.

good luck anons. once the full extent of the news is public leaker will post a thread again.

No, the team already basically said this was the main news.Enjoy losing your money.

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the team said they are under NDAs. if you checked telegram the days after leak you would know how they reacted to the samsung claims and contrast it to how they behave now. please sell.

Read the language he used in the screenshot.Its very clear this was the big news.

Lympo went limp, moon mission aborted.

You guys are absolutely ridiclous. The entire market is deep in the red. Once BTC stabilizes, we back for the moon mission

No, user. It has only just begun.

“Were waiting for”



to me it's clearly the opposite. same reaction as before when asked about big news. cat is not out of the bag. further discussion is useless though. make sure to check price in a few days.

>close to 200k users (3 countries)
>mark cuban
>tony g
>samsung deal in silicon valley (Maurukas and tony g) and this was confirmed by CEO in telegram
>currently under multiple NDAs
>staking for long term holders strongly encouraged
>LEAKER was right, though big news hasn't hit yet
>do you think they went so samsung research headquarter just for a handshake? LMAO
>DON'T BUY unless you realize LEAKER is the real deal
>DON'T BUY unless you understand the tokenomics and ecosystem of LYM
>DON'T BUY unless DYOR
>DON'T BUY unless you at least read the fucking whitepaper nigger seriously no wonder you keep loosing money in crypto kek.

I lost 4000 dollars on this shit this morning

>it's just a fucking wallet integration

it was up 40 % bro. how you loose money. it's still above the price it was when the news hit.

Dude its a shitty exercise dapp, dont build it up in to something it isnt.There are tons of regular exercise apps that maul this for functionality and earning while training.For them getting on the samsung dapp store was huge, but you are dreaming if you think samsung is going to partner with some crappy erc20 they could make themselves.This was the news.

you clearly didn't read the whitepaper
>Dude its a shitty exercise dapp, dont build it up in to something it isnt.There are tons of regular exercise apps that maul this for functionality and earning while training
he doesn't know

read the whitepaper, small hint insurance companies. market research. mHealth research. monetizing data that is already being generated for years. those generating the data had no benefits or control over it. LYM stores permission on blockchain and insurance companies can buy it on a data marketplace. you have transparency what happens with the data (not you perse you are fat, but all those """"fit"""" normies). also companies buying LYM for challenges also GYM partnerships... gyms buying LYM for rewards.

you don't know the first thing about the app if you think it is just another fitness app using """"blockchain"""""" to gain hype.

+ they have an online shop which has the potential to gain hundreds of thousands of customers. the shop alone although not blockchain related can keep the company afloat eventually.

Ive read all that and know about it.Its just more blockchain mumbo jumbo to disguise its a shitty exercise dapp.

k then. may kek decend upon you. praise kek. hail hitler.

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>bought before going to sleep
>forgot to set a sell order
ah yes, its my turn

this coin is shit kek


(I lost 10% before mine hit still down 200)

Eoy $1?

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is it over for link now, after google + oracle partnerships? no, but it took a massive dump from ath

lympo with this tiny ass news? probably over for good

I don't get people who say they're ruined after this. I made good money after they announced Samsung partnership. Sold 1/2 of my bag at $0.0165. Keeping the other half because I'm pretty certain this will go up once the market rebounds

Its a fitness app at 15 mill marketcap.come on, does it really need explaining.

It's not over. Although Lympo team demonstrated their complete incompetence in communicating Lympo partnership. I mean unironically without that leak nobody would have ever noticed their tiny little blog post or Telegram announcement. Their CMO must be axed

Bought and went to sleep, didn't set a sell. fug

Yeah, it's insane how short lived this was. Compare it to Enjin+Samsung news and what it did to ENJ price. I say no one is to blame but Lympo team. Their announcement was super low key - Google search points to several crypto news websites and Jow Forums. 0 mentions on Reddit or Twitter. No press release. No YouTube review. Nothing. This is fucking disgrace.

Similar pump happened two days ago, but the bottom was much lower. Just sit back and chill for a couple of days.

The price will go up again and they are not done announcing all news


Telegram. Go to Lympo Telegram channel and read admin messages.

shit is pumping on huobi

There's nothing there this dudes full of shit

went a bit lymp..

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lympo is done they said. oh no guys. you won't know what hit you once this train starts moving.

regarding this FUD. telegram team hyped AGAIN. so absolutely baseless>very clear this was the big news hahahaha

>pic very much related.

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Don’t buy this shit. I tried riding the Samsung pump and lost 4K this shit couldn’t even hold a pump with samsung

samsung pump hasn't started yet though. very bullish hope this blows up within the week though.

dumb aren't you ?

how you loss 4k ? no way you did this.

LYM will go moon must hold for full news flow.

"Samsung pump hasnt started' my ass lol the news was released, people dont wait days after a release to pump it
Yes, I am pretty dumb. I own that I made a dumbass mistake. I bought in this morning with about 15k to try to ride the pump and it instantly crashed because its the shitiest of shitcoins. Stay away from this everyone. Not worth it. If samsung cant boost it, what can?

Huge redflag lmao, looks like your typical china hustle

(((news))) was released. yes. not the news though.
don't worry about it you are not fit to hold LYM. just pay attention once the rocket takes off and everybody shills this. but this time with the news. in the leaker we trust. he war right and will be right.

they didn't say anything regarding Samsung except "NDA" all the time. and they delivered related to samsung although not the deal they signed in silicon valley (leak).

I'm very confident and have done my research that is why I can shill this so hard. no FUD faces me. DON'T BUY you are not fit to hold this GEM.

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If the gym is a major chain like good life this moon mission is set in stone. Good Intel user.

Ada Jonuse Lympo co-founder, [10.07.19 13:10]
As promised, posting the answers to the questions raised by @CrisPalusci, Cointelegraph journalist.

1. do you have more upcoming deals with Samsung?

Anything that we can announce, we announce to our community immediately. I would not like to speculate about the future. Once the things are done, they are done.

2. what are the implications with your Samsung partnership.
And, in specific way, what does represent for your company the listing on their blockchain wallet?

Samsung Blockchain Wallet has listed 12 DApps worldwide so far. It’s a huge milestone that Lympo is amongst them alongside companies like Cryptokitties, Enjin wallet, XWallet by Pundi X, all blockchain world superstars. Our goal is that Lympo becomes No. 1 new generation mHealth app including blockchain, data ownership, AI based personal health advice and real incentives to be healthy.
Allowing our users to transfer the earned tokens to their Samsung Blockchain Wallet is a huge milestone in this direction.

3. about the US gyms and sponsorships, at which stage is Lympo?
Any major deals with gyms?
Did personal trainer started to integrate Lympo app in their advisory?

We have signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with one of the biggest gym chains in the U.S. I cannot give you the name today, but with this gym chain we are working to integrate Lympo incentives to reward people for coming to fitness classes. Personal trainers will be the next step. At this stage we focus on partnerships that can help us to rapidly increase our user base. Lympo has almost 200.000 users in the U.S., South Korea and Lithuania, and we plan to hit 1M user milestone before the end of 2019.

not over yet it seems

ok so the highest that this coin has ever gone was 74 fucking dollars...imagine if you manage to buy in now and it hits that in the future...

i bought early on first shill and got 37% profit in 2 days not that bad

And that was not that long ago, and it happened during the lull after the crash. That alone is impressive.

what? highest price was like ~2k sats

>highest price 2k sats
>it is right now at 12.4k sats

All Time High $0.141608 USD
(Jun 01, 2018)

are you guys looking at the right coin? LYM is at 127 sats right now
user are you retarded?

theyre using more than 8 dec places, its not 12k sats

Lmao it's dumping back to pre announcment levels



In the hands of those much smarter then you.

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