What happens if we break $12k?

What happens if we break $12k?

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Then we break $11k and $10k and so on

Bitcoin shuts down

the first two digits will be 1 and 1

12k breaks then back to 9k before 100k eoy.

that was the final wash just now
all the weak hands sold

Digits and if we break 12 we go to 2k

Nothing, because we won't

but we just did
how does it feel?

We're still at $12.2k


dont worry bro weak handed normies on coinbase broke 12k for a second

Then we will break 14k.

Dude you have no idea how fucked I am if this thing doesn't tank. I literally went all in on this leveraged short and now I'm on the verge of tears. This thing keeps bouncing around and it's like so fucking manufactured it's making me sick. JUST. FUCKING. TANK. Holy fuck dude...fucking shit dude.

damn, how bad is it?
where'd you short dude?

was so sure it was going under 12k
I'm so fucking demoralized..

>shorting the future of money
lmao I hope you do really lose everything and kys

I'm sorry user, remember that everyone who gets against bitcoin loses in the long run.

Why the fuck are you shorting in a clear uptrend?

DUDE! IT WAS HEADED FOR A DOWNTREND YOU NIGGER!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

What's the liq.price bobro? btc is going down be patient

Guess what user, I went long at 12.1k :), lets see who makes it.

Look at the macro trends. The weekly and monthly charts are bullish as fuck.

thanks just sold 100k

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You're shorting something that gets 100 million fake dollars pumped into it daily (plus any extra real "backing" the 100m),

Bold. Stupid, but bold.

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ONE hits 1k satoshis.

>shorting something that has been in bear for over a year and now is clearly uptrending

You know what happens now

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hope you closed just now bro

I'm all in chainlink lol

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It's just double bottomed off 12.2 fren. Testing that support all morning and it's solid as fuck.

Take your licks and close out your shorts before you get liq'd. Or don't, I love watching shorts lose their shirts.

youre fine. but promise youll close at 11.8k

you're cruel user, kek

he'll be begging for 12.5 before he gets liqd

This is what OP looks at and decides to short.

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oh look who's here again.

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>oh look who's here again.
just your friendly neighbourhood 42-user

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Added to my collage of retarded bear faggots, thanks. I hope you fucking kill yourself when you get liquidated. Don't ever fight the tape

descending triangle right now and support breaking this instant
he'll be rich

Whats your liquidation point?
Did you look at the RSI dude...its been hovering around 30 since the big dip this morning...30 is considered "oversold" so normally a reversal happens about then....

9.2k as per the prophecy

see i said it
shits going to 10.8k (21MA) at least

Uh hey dipshit u might want to check the price

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quit giving OP false hope. he knows he sold the bottom.

Get fucked bobo

and so forth

He wont close in profit because he's a greedy faggot. It's not going below 10k or even 11k, we're just going to consolidate sideways further before another breakout


the BTC chart from april onwards is a smaller version of the 2018 bubble now with a double top
we will see new lows in roughly a year

nah....RSI already popped its cherry at a ridiculously low 11. Bottom is in.
pic related

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just like the low was in a few hours ago (same pattern on RSI in your picture @ 12.2k), right?


>bear market rally from 3k to 13k, literally more than double the 6k floor that persisted almost all of 2018

So this is the power of delusional bear cope. Are you that caps lock faggot who incessantly spammed the board telling people not to buy 3k? Stupid faggot

Well RSI < 30 simply means 'oversold'...so constant oversold signals in a day means what?


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